Teaching Primary and Secondary Schools Arusha, Tansania Beyond Child Smile
Teaching children age 3-14 in public and private school, as well as in the library. Depending on your skillset, subjects can vary: English, Mathematics, Science,...
English Teachers Nosy Komba, Madagaskar MRCI - Madagascar Volunteer
Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute’s Teaching Program places volunteer English grammar and conversational teachers within the local schools and communities
Assist Teaching at Pre & Primary School Arusha, Tansania STEP Africa
Help the teachers in their everyday routine and learn more about the Tanzanian school system. Bring in your own ideas and immerse yourself in the African culture.
School Development Assistance Malindi, Kenia Mafanikio Organization
Bridging the gap through experimental learning of local and international volunteers in rural Kenya.
Children’s Foundation Support Arusha, Tansania Viva Tanzania
Support this preschool aimed to provide affordable education to children from low income families.
Local Primary School Teacher Victoria Falls, Simbabwe Stay Africa Volunteers
Volunteer at a Primary School in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, working with children between the ages of 6 - 13 years of age.
Teaching and Educating Children Arusha, Tansania Natembelea Africa V Residence
Education is highly valued in Tanzania. Children enjoy education, especially in the presence of volunteers. As a volunteer you will engage with classroom activities.
Teaching in primary school Malindi, Kenia Mafanikio Organization
Teaching English, Maths, Environment, Music, Nutrition & Hygiene & Sports in Ganda village. The school could use extra help of teaching assistants.
Caring for children with disabilities Arusha, Tansania Viva Tanzania
Help fight the stigma and care for children with different disabilities.
Teach & Educate Children Arusha, Tansania Viva Tanzania
Help children achieving their goals and escape from poverty. Only through good education you can have a better future.
Sports & Recreation Coaching Academy Nairobi, Kenia UCESCO Africa
Sports volunteering is the chance to combine your love for sports with traveling the world. We have introduced Sports programs in Kenya to engage our youths and children
Teaching in School and Communities Nairobi, Kenia UCESCO Africa
Teaching is the only future hope we can give our children. We need your help! Whether your strengths lie in teaching English, math, or sports, you can make a difference
Support Sustainable Education Arusha, Tansania The White Rose
Support us by teaching variety subjects in public primary schools and Library community.
Children's Sports Education & Empowerment Arusha, Tansania Siret Volunteers
Volunteer to work with a sports education team empowering underprivileged and deprived children in the community in football and physical education.
Come & teach Basic computer skills to our students Nairobi, Kenia UCESCO Africa
We wouldn’t be able to do what we do best without our volunteers. We would be honored to have your support in teaching students basic computer skills.
Assistant in Education Initiative Katete, Sambia Tikodane Community Center
Education initiative volunteers will assist in pre-primary and secondary education initiatives that support over 100 students!
Children Empowerment through Sports Arusha, Tansania Viva Tanzania
Have fun doing sports with the kids and help them achieve their personal goals. See how they improve skills like teamwork, confidence and ambition.