Clean Water Ambassador Bamenda, Kamerun CAMAAY Non-profit | CAMAAY
Implement emergency measures to protect and extend the water supply in the Batibo district (pop. 70,000).
Sanitation Initiatives Internship Lobitos, Peru EcoSwell Non-profit | EcoSwell
Due to a collapsed sewage system in Lobitos, EcoSwell need volunteers to develop sanitation initiatives such as dry toilets and wastewater treatment projects.
Climate, Water and Energy Activist Delhi, Indien CICD Non-profit | CICD
Work with the poor to get a cleaner and better environment, access to clean water, light at night without burning precious trees and without electricity
Clean Water Management Bamenda, Kamerun CAMAAY Non-profit | CAMAAY
-Design system improvements and maintenance measures to supply ample clean water on an ongoing basis -Implement interim protective measures
Clean Water Ambassador in Local Community San Salvador, El Salvador CIS El Salvador Non-profit | CIS El Salvador
Volunteer in helping giving access to clean water communities in El Salvador. This help improve the health and daily lives of all recipients.
Grant writer & Fundraising Assistant Bamenda, Kamerun False Labels Global Inc. Non-profit | False Labels Global Inc.
Help to raise money for menstrual hygiene products to prevent (young) women from social disadvantages resulting from taboos about menstruation.
Women & Girls Empowerment Assistant Bamenda, Kamerun False Labels Global Inc. Non-profit | False Labels Global Inc.
Empowering Cameroon's rural women and girls on menstrual hygiene management and sexual & reproductive health.
Marketing Management Supporter Bafoussam, Kamerun False Labels Global Inc. Non-profit | False Labels Global Inc.
We need a volunteer marketing manager to help manage the day to day marketing activities of our startup and the long term marketing strategy for the organization
Hygiene & Sanitation Educator Jinja, Uganda Sustain Micro Enterprise Non-profit | Sustain Micro Enterprise
Work with women, children and schools to provide practical hygiene and sanitation knowledge and information
Plumber in the Jungle Bukit Lawang, Indonesien Bukit Lawang Trust Non-profit | Bukit Lawang Trust
The team in North Sumatra are looking for an experienced and hands-on plumbing pro, ready to get stuck into the nitty-gritty works of an Indonesian concrete building!
Environment Intern Migori County, Kenia Rieko Kenya Non-profit | Rieko Kenya
Environmental Interns participate in environment conservation, revitalization, and other community projects
Frack Free Researchers Pietermaritzburg, Südafrika African Samaritans Non-profit | African Samaritans
Volunteers with a calling to educate people on Fracking or who want to do more research in this area.

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