Social Work Outreach Social Work Outreach Pietermaritzburg, Südafrika African Samaritans
Transform the lives of street children by feeding, clothing and providing them with showers and social services.
Rainwater Harvesting & Food Security Pietermaritzburg, Südafrika African Samaritans
Volunteers will be involved in the establishment and maintenance of the food gardens, which have been created using permaculture principles.
Science & Entrepreneurship Teacher Pietermaritzburg, Südafrika African Samaritans
Volunteers teach underprivileged children how to think like entrepreneurs and how to apply science and engineering into daily life.
Gap Year Facilitator Pietermaritzburg, Südafrika African Samaritans
Volunteers will be facilitating students in media, music, drama and dance, leadership, theology etc.
Ikhwezi Skills Development Pietermaritzburg, Südafrika African Samaritans
International Life Skills & IT Training Courses for underprivileged youth between 18 and 35 who want to improve their chances of gainful employment.
Homework & Activity Assistance Pietermaritzburg, Südafrika African Samaritans
Volunteers will be assisting students with homework, sport and some fun, holistically focusing on the Mind, Body and Spirit.
Frack Free Researchers Pietermaritzburg, Südafrika African Samaritans
Volunteers with a calling to educate people on Fracking or who want to do more research in this area.

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Impacting the impoverished community of Pietermaritzburg beyond the life of the volunteer placements.

African Samaritans was established to serve and uplift the communities and environment in the Midlands area. Our main goal is to uplift the community and environment to a more self-sustaining level as KwaZulu-Natal has the largest concentration of indigenous people in South Africa, the highest levels of poverty, unemployment and is also the center of the country’s AIDS pandemic.

You have the option of just volunteering or you could combine touristic activities with your stay. African Samaritans will provide you with the perfect opportunity to be a Samaritan and experience Africa's Ubuntu (Zulu word pronounced uu-BOON-tuu, meaning human kindness) as both a volunteer and a tourist.

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Social Impact

African Samaritans is located in Pietermaritzburg, which is the capital city of Kwazulu-Natal and we have projects in various areas, for example The Greater Edendale area is approximately 14000ha (bigger than Monaco and only slightly smaller than Luxemborg) and is home to 500 000 people which constitutes half the city’s population.The average person’s income is £3 a day so there are many people that need help in various areas and you can make a difference today.

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