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We are a small school situated in the middle of the refugee camp of Jenin. We teach the poorest children English and try to provide them with a healthy meal a day.

We are a small school situated in the middle of the refugee camp of Jenin. Jenin is a city in the north of the Westbank, right above Nablus. The school was created in 2010 by one of the residents of the camp. She started with 5 students. Now we have over 80.
We accept children from the most poor families of the camp and teach them English. Since last year we also take care of the very young infants in our kindergarten. In a playful way we teach them English and we educated them to respect one another, despite their gender. Beside all of this, we try to provide them daily with one healthy meal a day.

Our main focus is the development of the child and to give them opportunities to create a better life for themselves and their families. With a good education they will build a better self-image, which will give them the required confidence to reach their full-potention. 
Most of the girls in the camp are destined to get married and to become a housewife. We want to break down these gender stereotypes. With the right encouragement and support they will conquer their fears and achieve their dreams. 

Our mission is to help as many children from the camp as possible to have a proper development and to give them the possibilities to choose their own life. Our goals are that every child has the right to a proper education, despite of their gender nor their background. And that every child has a healthy meal a day at least.

At ALTafawk center we are determined to give the best possible education to the children. Therefore the profile we are looking for:
- native language is English (or as good as)
- available for at least a month (preferably longer)
- some experience in teaching young children
- determined and motivated
- like to discover a new culture

We will give you in return a free stay at our center and you’ll be offered a traditional Palestinian meal a day. Besides this we will give you a unique opportunity to learn more about the Palestinian culture. The hospitality of the local people will make you feel at home. So don’t miss this unique opportunity.
Der Hauptfokus dieser Organisation ist
Mona Jalamnh
Gesprochene Sprachen

Social Impact

We've helped over a thousand children to develop properly and to help them with their education.  A lot of our students went to the university. Some of our female students have a position in a higher reputated job sector. Most of the female residents of the camp were destined to become a housewife. We help them to become more. 

Recently we have opened a kindergarten to keep the young infants from the street and from the bad influences. So they can have a as best as possible childhood.

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