Wildlife Rehabilitation - a Jungle Adventure Wildlife Rehabilitation - a Jungle Adventure Napo, Ecuador Amazoonico
Interested in animals and nature conservation? This is your place. Come help us save the rainforest and its amazing creatures.
School Teacher in the Jungle TENA, Ecuador Amazoonico
If you are passionate about teaching and supporting marginalized peoples, come to the remote Amazon to teach and learn with amazing children from the Kichwa community

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We rehabilitate and reintroduce wild animals, who were victims of illegal trafficking, back into their natural habitats, and take care of those who can't be reintroduced

In 1993, Angelika Raimann and Remigio Canelos, a Swiss-Quichua couple, with their friend Christine von Steiger, wanted to protect the fauna of the Amazon, so they created amaZOOnico, a center that would receive, rehabilitate, and reintroduce wild animals that had been confiscated from illegal trade.

Today, amaZOOnico has become one of the best animal rescue centers in Ecuador. One of amaZOOnico's strengths is that our team is made of a mix of the traditional knowledge and wisdom of local people and a vast array of perspectives and experiences brought by people coming from all around the world.

Within 5 hectares, we rehabilitate animals in order to reintroduce them in their natural habitats, we care for more than 400 animals that can't be released back into the wild and we carry out environmental activities with visitors. Those who can be released to their natural habitats, are rehabilitated and them released back into the Amazon.

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Social Impact

By rehabilitating and releasing animals back into the forest, we strive to contribute to healthy wildlife populations and biodiverse ecosystems. Given the growing bulk of evidence showing that emergent diseases such as COVID-19 are linked to deforestation and wildlife trade, our work is more relevant than ever and we are determined, to continue conserving wildlife, supporting indigenous communities, and making a real contribution to a healthier planet for all.
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