CAMAAY is a grass-roots community NGO that is working with local villages and international volunteers to solve Water crisis and develop gardens

Who we are

The CAMEROON ASSOCIATION OF ACTIVE YOUTHS (CAMAAY) is a community empowerment organization. It is managed by democratically elected officials and youths, with the support of elders and other stakeholders. Its organizational structure is made up of a general assembly, executive board members, board of advisers, and the membership.

CAMAAY started as a self-help group  when members gathered a few resources and organized free remedial catch-up classes for some underprivileged and vulnerable children and youths in Bafoussam, the western region of Cameroon.  In response to community urging, the organization decided to expand its activities and register as a not-for-profit under Cameroon law in August 2005.  In 2014, we partnered with Global Giving to raise funds for our projects, and 2015 we joined the OnGood community.

What we do

Our organizing principle at CAMAAY is to build a spirit of self-reliance and community development in the rural areas of North West region in particular and Cameroon in general.  We are committed to protecting the environment and making it more resilient to climate change, and to fostering peace and understanding through through intercultural exchanges.

By providing farm tools and training on how to use information and communication technology, setting up of agricultural resource centers and teaching marketing skills for getting the best price at market, we at CAMAAY hope to make farming easier, more productive, and more profitable.

We organize visits to other gardens, to help create regional networks for sharing knowledge, equipment, and produce.

CAMAAY works with local schools, young people, and rural women’s groups to solve these problems by providing the seeds, tools, information, experience and organization for farms that use organic methods and traditional practices to produce nutritious food in sufficient abundance to feed village families with enough left over to generate income.

Our volunteers

CAMAAY relies on dedicated staff members who labor tirelessly for the future of Cameroon, as well as partnerships with non-profit organizations, government ministries, local councils, traditional authorities, villages and village development associations. We also work with international non-profit organizations and volunteers. Decisions are also made democratically by elected officials and youths, with the support of elders and other stakeholders. We see that the need is great in Cameroon and we are determined to meet it. Any help you can provide us will make a real difference and help contribute to a prosperous future for all of us. 

Volunteers choose their field of interest and project to work on. We do the planning with them and they are the team leaders during the implementation, working with other volunteers and support staff.

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Social Impact

We at CAMAAY are working with five primary schools in North-West Cameroon to develop self-sufficient, climate-resilient, earth-friendly gardens that will inspire the next generation of farmers.

Furthermore, CAMAAy implements emergency measures to protect and extend the water supply in the Batibo district (pop. 70,000).

We tackle the most pressing needs of people at the grassroots level with local governments, schools, communities, small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop sustainable solutions that address challenges in education, health, economic development, agriculture, environment, sport, culture and youth development.

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