Short-Term Dolphin Care Assistant Long-term DolphinCare Assistant 90N Maputo, Mosambik Dolphin Encountours Research Center
Volunteer stays offers a unique opportunity for one to gain hands on experience that focuses on marine mammals that focuses on dolphins.

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Educational and ethical marine mammal tourism in Mozambique that funds the longterm monitoring of dolphins and whales in a partial marine reserve.

Dolphin Encountours Research Center was founded in the 90’s for the purpose of educational and ethical marine mammal eco-tourism that would fund a longterm monitoring and conservation project. The project undertakes research motivated, boat based eco-tourism activities which focus on close-up encounters with dolphins and whales while following the specially developed DolphinCare code of conduct that limits the amount of stress caused from this species specific tourism. 

Swim with dolphin tours started in Mozambique during the mid 90’s and has subsequently grown as an industry that by now also incorporates humpback whales. Sustainable and ethical marine mammal tourism policies and regulations are priority within a country that has a coastline of 2500km. For us at the Dolphin Encountours Research Center, sticking to these policies and regulations has the highets priority! The safetly and well-being of the marine mammals that we are swimming and diving with is our top concern. However, to ensure that these species aren't threatened in their natural habitat, longterm monitoring and thus swimming with them in their realm is unavoidable.

Our mission is to create a safe space for marine mammals that are subject to human disturbance in Mozambique. Therefore the Dolphin Encoutours Research Center promotes ethical marine mammal tourism practices which includes that we offer our own tours for a stress-free ancounter between tourists and mammals. To ensure this, we also provide an education for our tourists, the local community and our operators about the policies and regulations. Furthermore we conduct a continued long-term monitoring of the animals in their natural habitat. 

As a volunteer at the Dolphin Encountours Research Center you will be able to help us on both on land and on a boat/in the water! You undertake specialised dolphin & whale eco-tours that support the longterm monitoring of marine mammals in the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve. 

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Social Impact

So far, Dolphin Encountours Research Center has helped to create an awareness of marine mammals in Mozambique that are subject to human disturbance. Some 300 individual bottlenose dolphins have been catalogued in the area over the past two decades. We aim to increase this awareness amongst the local community and the tourists that visit from all over the world. We also want to ensure that none of these species go extinct and thus promote a long termn research of the animals at our coastline. 

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