Give Children's Ministry offers a Volunteer Program for Teachers, Administrators,Fundraisers, Evangelist,and community workers in Rural Uganda

give children's Ministry, GCM, is not -for-profit non sectarian child development community organization that serves the needs of children through person -to- person prgrammes on compassionate spirit with focus on effectiveness while contributing to poverty alleviation and creating a positive impact on the productive poor in Africa, Uganda in particular.

Established in April 2009, GCM, activities covers Health, Education, psycho-social Support, water and sanitation, early childhood care and development, child protection, and economic development which basically responds to community needs to improve living standards to save Children and strengthen the family.
GCM mission is to assist needy families so that children can be care for in their own homes. GCM pursues this through an integrated holistic commitment to sustainable social-economic development that is community based, focused on woman and children.
GCM Values.
we are Christian
we are committed to the poor
we value People
We are stewards
We are partners
We are responsive.
To improve the income and social services of the poor through sustainable development projects.

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Ja, es ist eine registrierte Non-Profit-Organisation
Mutaka John
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Social Impact

The project will build the an environment of hope and respect for children in need incorporating their cultures and belief, by allowing them to grow and develop skills and competencies in healthy environment within their families and communities to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to come responsible and fulfilled adults ready to contribute to the country's development.

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