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A project meeting the needs of underprivileged pre-school children through education, food and clothing.

At Honduras Children, we are regularly involved and value collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals working to create a better quality of life in the El Porvenir / La Ceiba north coast area.
With this in mind, we support (but do not operate) several other projects in the area by providing screened volunteers, training and material supplies.
Along with international volunteers from all over the world, we have hosted university groups from Duke University (Project HEAL), VA Tech and Drew University as well as youth groups from religious and teen organizations. We sincerely welcome volunteers and work-groups so please feel free to apply!

What we do?
Our work with children started in 2005 working out of our house.
Kinder Sí Se Puede is a forward-thinking and caring kindergarten that provides the time, space and opportunity for young children to flourish and develop their emerging skills.  We take great pleasure in educating young preschoolers to help them develop confidence and self-esteem and we are proud of the achievements of our children and staff. We maintain high standards of education and behavior to ensure our kindergarten is a safe and happy place in which to learn. Kinder Sí Se Puede is totally free of tuition and supplies cost.

Where we work? 
Honduras Children volunteer projects are in the beach community of El Porvenir Atlantida which is located on the north coast of Honduras . The jungle rivers of the Pico Bonito National Forest and the sun and sand of the Caribbean Sea are just minutes from where our volunteers live and work.
El Porvenir is a safe place to live and work.

Our history
Charlie and Amalia Kirkhum met while on a mission trip to Honduras to help the victims of the devastating Hurricane Mitch. One thing led to another and a few years later they were married and living in El Porvenir. Charlie is from the United States. Amalia grew up in the La Ceiba area of Honduras but lived in the states for more than 40 years.
When they first arrived in Honduras, all they knew was that they wanted to work with children and they quickly learned that it doesn't take much to get started. At first they just got to know the children and soon more and more started showing up at their house. They offered projects and activities, often fed the children lunch or dinner and once they started 'movie nights', things really took off! Quickly outgrowing the space in their yard, it was clear they needed more room. With funding and support from Amigos of Honduras and the mayor of the town of El Porvenir, land was donated to build a Kinder and construction began in 2007. The Kinder was completed in 2008 and the first official school year began with 20 children on January 16, 2009. As the founding directors, Amalia serves as President of Honduras Children and Charles serves as Treasurer.

About Our Kinder Sí Se Puede

The idea to build a kinder began back in 2005 when Charlie and Amalia Kirkhum opened their home in El Porvenir to about 20 local children to teach them basic skills. Because many children had never attended school, some of these kindergarten students were in their teens. Amalia and Charlie initiated the construction of the Kinder to be able to provide these kids with a daily nutritious meal, educational enrichment and a safe place to play and "hang out". Since 2005, this program has grown to include educational services, meals and material support.
With the help of our friends at Amigos of Honduras, Ryan Daniels, then a 17-year-old high school student from Utah made it possible to begin construction on this kinder. Ryan and ten friends traveled to Honduras to begin the construction process for the facility. These high school students donated substantial funding that they raised from a dinner they held in their hometown as well as their energy and hard work at the construction site!
The finishing touches and lovely murals were done by a work group from Colorado State University that came via our association with Peacework. 
We invite volunteers and work-groups to join us in this joyful and satisfying work! 
The kinder normally has about 20 to 25 children each year.

Our mission/ vision:

Our mission is to better the lives of the next Honduran generation by providing underprivileged children with an education, breakfast, and clothing in our Kindergarten. 

Our goals

  • Help children prepare for and stay in school by providing a positive kindergarten experience.
  • Improve living quarters, and provide clothing, school supplies, and uniforms for the students. 
  • Encourage nutrition and hygiene by supplementing the children's diet with vitamins, and by teaching hand washing and tooth brushing habits in school.
  • Support families and help them to stay intact, avoiding the heartbreak of sending children to institutions.
Who are we looking for?

We are looking for energetic, optimistic individuals and groups who have a passion for working with children. We welcome volunteers of any race, religion, or country of origin. We accept volunteers who are 18 years or older.

Why choose us?

Honduras Children is small, but with the energy of devoted volunteers, we are enriching lives and providing opportunities for children who would otherwise have none. In our “Sí se puede” kindergarten (Spanish for “Yes you can”) we inspire the kids to do their best each and everyday, breaking the poverty cycle through education.

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Social Impact

We have graduated approximately 175 children since we have started the kinder in 2009. We work with single mothers that work in the pineapple fields for very little money each day. Our kinder education is much more superior to the education they would receive in the public school. We also give the parents food for the rest of the family.

We provide a nutritious breakfast for the child each morning. We also provide clothing and medications should the child get sick.

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