Teaching English and Computer at School Support for Disadvantaged Community Pokhara, Nepal Insight Nepal
We believe that serving others is one of the most worthwhile human endeavors. The main objective of this program is to provide valuable support for community groups.
Teaching English and Computer at School Pokhara, Nepal Insight Nepal
The mission of Insight Nepal is to provide opportunities to volunteers all around the world to serve the needy communities in Nepal.

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Insight Nepal believes one of the best and most fulfilling ways to truly experience Nepal is through volunteering.

Nepal is a South Asian developing country with a rich cultural heritage. Situated in the lap of Himalayas, Nepal is a land of ancient history, colourful cultures,  and people of warm hospitality.  People from all over the world come to Nepal to explore experience and discover unique ways of life.

"Insight Nepal" was established in 1992 with a vision to give its international volunteers a real experience of Nepal’s diverse geographical and cultural environment. Its approach has always been to establish and foster an awareness and understanding of cultural differences through experiential learning. Over more than 25 years of working at this field, the organization’s various programs have evolved to leave the volunteers with a long-lasting impression.

Insight Nepal  believes that serving others is one of the most worthwhile human endeavors. The main objective of the program is to provide opportunities to  those who are interested in gaining a cultural experiences by contributing their time and skills to benefit community service groups. The second objective is to help those who are looking for an opportunity to reach people in the community groups who are in need of their skills.

 Insight Nepal's programs work towards the goals of:

• Provide opportunities for those who are interested in gaining a cultural experience by contributing their time and skills to benefit worthwhile community service groups.
• To help those who are looking for an opportunity to reach people and community groups who are in need of their skills.
• To develop new skills, gain confidence and new perspectives on life

There are mainly three primary phases during the course of the program.  In each phase the participants will have different activities and experiences designed to make the most of their time in Nepal.

a.       Orientation phase :  In this phase,  participants will be given a brief orientation about the schedule of the program, health care, and some cultural clues. City tours will be arranged  and a basic communication skills in spoken Nepali will be given. Thus, this will be a  preparation phase for the participants to move into their placement sites as all these activities and experiences will help them build self confidence and develop the cultural understanding .

b.      Placement phase :  During this phase the participants will work at their placement site according to their interests and the needs of the host organization. The participants will be under the guidance  and supervision of the host  organization. Since they will be working and interacting   with different people in a new environment, it will be an excellent opportunity to  share their ideas and skills.  This phase can be as frustrating as it is rewarding but it will be a personal experience that is unforgettable.

c.       Extra activities phase (optional) : Insight Nepal organizes various types outdoor activities upon the request of the volunteer  with an extra cost, as following :

Village Excursion/ Trekking

Insight Nepal will organize a trekking in the Annapurna Mountain area where participants will have an opportunity to observe one of the best models for conservation projects throughout the world. This is primarily to introduce them to rural areas of Nepal and to enjoy the fascinating views of snow-capped peaks along with lush green valleys with their flora and fauna.

B. Yoga and Meditation Course or Yoga Retreat

  • A course with an introduction to Buddhist philosophy, meditation and Yoga OR
  • A special Yoga retreats with Yogik detox, sound healing and Yoga wellness.

C. A 3 - Day Jungle safari in Chitwan National Park

The Park is Nepal's Largest Forest Region with wildlife and best for elephant safari.

D. White Water Rafting

Nepal is one of the most popular country for White Water Rafting. There are several rivers which are long and clean & surrounded by amazing mountains, hills and jungle landscapes.

Duration : 2 weeks to 16 weeks

Qualifications :  Minimum : 'A'  level  passed

Program fees : US$ 425 to 1365

Food and accommodation :  Participants will stay with a Nepali family  who will provide two meals and some tea/snacks during the whole program period.

Volunteer for Education is one of the major projects of Insight Nepal. Teaching experience is desirable but not necessary. Volunteer will be teaching 5 to 6 hours a day and 5 days in a week. Prospective volunteers should be flexible, physically fit, and willing to immerse themselves in another culture.

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Naresh M. Shrestha
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Social Impact

Insight Nepal has been offering a number of volunteer teachers at public and private schools from its establishment. As learning English is very important for all student in these times there are several schools in the Pokhara region which are in need of experienced and trained teachers who can help in teaching especially English, basic computer, games/crafts etc. This social project is supporting in fulfilling their needs by providing volunteer teachers.

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