Creative workshops and cultural exchange Eco citizenship Rincon del Mar, Kolumbien LifeTime Projects
Protect the local environment through beach clean ups, mangrove reforestation, monitoring turtles, and participate in environmental classes for children.
Creative workshops and cultural exchange Rincon del mar, Kolumbien LifeTime Projects
Share your passion for entertainment with local communities and use your creative mind for organizing weekly activities for children
Wild animal rescue centre Flores, Guatemala LifeTime Projects
Our refuge for wild animals receives sick and injured wild animals often victims of poaching or deforestation in Guatemala. Help us protect them and look after them.
Childcare in a children's home Yaoundé, Kamerun LifeTime Projects
In Cameroon, child protection is a major issue. This program helps protect and give opportunities to vulnerable children in orphanages.
Children's home support and activities Cochabamba, Bolivien LifeTime Projects
The foundation works with residential care centers for children in Cochabamba, implementing projects related to health, vocational training or the environment
Eco-Citizenship Assistant Cochabamba , Bolivien LifeTime Projects
Protect the local environment through agroforestry and participate in environmental classes for children.

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We believe that the best way to discover a new culture is through working on a social project with the local population and living their daily life with them.

LifeTime Projects is a French based non profit organisation. 

We work in the following fields : 
 - Child protection
 - Women's rights
 - The protection of the environment and animal welfare 
 - Eco citizenship

In the following countries : 
- Bolivia
- Cameroun
- Colombia
- Guatemala
- England
- France 

We believe in : 

Living in total immersion in the country you visit 
By discovering the world with LifeTime Projects, you will experience unforgettable moments. Whether during your mission, with your host family or with the people you meet, you will discover the culture and traditions of a country directly. Thanks to this complete immersion in the life of the country, and having built a project with the locals, you will return with a real knowledge of the local culture.

Take part in concrete actions
Do you have difficulty measuring the impact of good deed ? The best way to measure the usefulness of your actions is to carry them out directly, in the field! That is why LifeTime Projects supports you in the design and organization of your humanitarian mission or gap year in total immersion.

Change your world view, make a difference
Our humanitarian and ecological missions are designed to have a maximum impact, not only locally but also on the volunteer who will return to his or her daily life enriched by a new perspective on the world.
We act where people need us most and where our presence is most wanted. You will come back with the feeling that you have made a difference and made your contribution to a more understanding world. We believe we all have a lot to learn fro each other and putting different cultures together is enriching and strengthening for all. 

Your footprint
We hope to leave our mark, that of sharing, love and mutual respect, in the hearts of the people we meet and work with (note that our organization is independent of any political party and religious organization).
Whether in Cameroon, Bolivia, Guatemala, Colombia, France or England, discovering the world allows a better understanding of its challenges. What seems distant from France takes a whole new dimension before, during and after the experience of a mission with LifeTime Projects.
Participating in an international development mission with LifeTime Projects also means contributing to sustainable development by helping people and changing their view of the world. 
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Social Impact

LifeTime Projects works with over 200 children around the world to bring them more opportunities and to help them become happy and grounded adults matter what they back ground. We manage art therapy projects in orphanages and accompany children in their social and professional reinsertion through entrepreneurship programs. We also work with vulnerable children that live with their incarcerated parents in prison or children from a disadvantaged village in Colombia. 

Female rights are a very big purpose for us, especially on our projects in Colombia and Bolivia where domestic and sexual violence is very high. In Cameroun we support women that were destined to forced mariage and/ or teenage pregnancy to become independent and acquire skills that will help them support themselves and their families. 

All our projects are designed to be eco friendly and to cause eco awareness. We work with local organizations in Guatemala to protect wild animals and marine turtles and we support a British organization to run an organic farm in England. Recently we have also set up an eco project with our partners (Viv'act) in Colombia : mangrove reforestation, beach clean ups, educational programs etc have been organized to accompany the local afro Caribbean community in the preservation of their beautiful local environment. 

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