Teach English in primary schools Teach English in primary schools Santiago Atitlán , Guatemala One, Two... Tree!
Our team is looking for enthusiastic individuals with a passion for teaching to join us in Guatemala

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We aim to make English accessible in Central America as a tool for social empowerment and intercultural exchange.

One, Two… Tree! is a non-profit organisation working on education in Central America. We aim to make English accessible as a tool for social empowerment and intercultural exchange.

We share a vision of strong united communities and individuals, in charge of their economies, ready to grasp and create the opportunities that work best for their future.

Presentation of the programme

We teach in public schools, collaborate with local organisations and offer English classes to those keen to learn.

The idea is simple:  We collaborate with local organisations to use their premises and introduce English classes through volunteer work. This allows us to get involved in local educational systems and local initiatives, reaching a large number of kids and adults through a sustainable and flexible cost model that can be scaled up or down in response to the community’s needs at any given moment.

How we work:


As volunteers, we work as a team as we know we go further together. Locally, we look to collaborate with other organisations to make the most of available resources, creating synergies and using each organisation’s expertise to best serve the local community. 


We adapt and are flexible to changing situations with the aim to best support the community in every given moment. We use our imagination, skills, and proactiveness to make things work in a sustainable way. We are grateful for feedback so we can continuously improve.


We create on the ground and use active listening as our most precious tool. The program is developed with and within the communities, truly understanding the context, needs, and priorities. We seize on opportunities as they come and ensure personal growth and passions are tapped into as the program evolves. We look for passionate volunteers, keen to lead and be responsible for positive change. You will be part of a proactive and supportive team where your ideas and thoughts will count in the day-to-day of the project.


We live and teach with utter respect. We learn from the local culture and support each other with kindness, curiosity, humility, and empathy.

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Candy Ramirez Sisay
Candy Ramirez Sisay
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Social Impact

Why English?

English opens up new opportunities for our students to get their studies to the next level and have access to a wider range of jobs in the future. As the tourism industry is one of the main sources of income in Atitlan, followed by goods production, English is a way too to empower the local community to be in charge of their economy. 
In many non-English speaking countries, fluent English teachers are scarce, with the areas we work in being no exception. One, Two… Tree! volunteers support public schools and local organisations with English while these skills are slowly acquired by local teachers and community.

Furthermore we look to create a volunteering platform from which to inspire collaboration and citizen participation in an increasingly connected and globalized world.

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections every couple of years, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.” 

Here, at One, Two…Tree! we have the opportunity to vote for the kind of world we want to live in, every day. We have the opportunity for intercultural exchange to strengthen our interpersonal bonds, facilitate learning, encourage self-development, and become more conscious of the world around us. When you join our project, you enter a whole new world of possibilities and perspectives.
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