Social Media Assistant Social Media Assistant Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Trama Textiles
The volunteer will create the social media content for our organization, displaying products, keeping our followers updated with our news, and provide cultural snapshots.
Sales Assistants Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Trama Textiles
Volunteers assist with our online store orders, our local store, and wholesale orders of our products. Our products are created by our 400+ women that we work with.
Fashion Design Assistant Quezaltenango, Guatemala Trama Textiles
Create new products using the traditional textiles and weavings of our 400+ women we work with in Guatemala. Help us provide fair wages to our weavers through fashion.


We are a 100% worker-owned association based in Guatemala, created to help local women receive a fair salary through textile production.

We are a 100% worker-owned association based in Guatemala, created to help local women receive a fair salary through textile production using the ancient back-strap loom weaving process. Our cooperative is the perfect place to volunteer if you’re creative, self-motivated, and interested in Guatemala’s Mayan traditions.

Working directly with 17 weaving groups, representing 400 women from five different states, our project provides a means for women in the Los Altos region of Guatemala to support their families and communities. Our headquarters is located in Quetzaltenango (Xela), where we teach backstrap loom weaving classes and feature the co-op's goods in our tienda (shop).

Our mission is to offer training, support, work and fair wages to the women of Guatemala; to uphold their families and their communities with honour, and to maintain and develop their art, stories, designs, and textile traditions.
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Social Impact

Trama Textiles is not just beautiful handmade textiles; we represent an ancestral tradition that is deeply connected to the Mayan culture. It is political as it makes a statement that empowers the indigenous in Guatemala who are in no way supported by their government. Also, it stands for a change in the fashion industry: A movement, away from quickly-produced items that are thrown out after a short time. It presents textiles as an art where each piece is very much connected to the artisan who made it, their culture and the specific place they inhabit. 

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