English Teacher in Language Center English Teacher in Language Center Phnom Penh, Kambodscha Volunteer in Cambodia (VIC)
Experience life in an Asian city, grow as a teacher and contribute to development in Cambodia with our 3 month program! Pay for living and travel expenses only.

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We are a social enterprise in Phnom Penh and we operate an English school in Phnom Penh. We give a large percentage of our profits to NGO projects around Cambodia.

With local Phnom Penh students and international volunteer teachers helping to raise money for development work in rural communities, VIC forms a unique model of learning, cultural exchange, and sustainable fundraising. VIC provides an opportunity for foreign volunteers to learn and experience life in Cambodia for 3 months which includes teaching a 10-weeks course at our Conversations With Foreigners (CWF) English school.

VIC was founded in 2006 with the support from the Australian Government AusAid VIDA program. It is a local NGO that has been recognized by the Cambodian Ministry of Interior. VIC channels sources of volunteer teachers to CWF and their purpose is to improve livelihood development and sustainability in rural Cambodia. VIC and CWF are governed by a Board of Directors where the majority are cambodian.
Since our inception we have raised over US$153K for our NGO partners, hosted more than 600 volunteers, and we now teach up to 500 students every day. We’re dedicated to improving Cambodian skills, opportunities and increasing our cultural perspective, and dedicated to the mission of our partners.

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Social Impact

Apart from the direct benefits that our students have from studying English with us, VIC makes an even greater impact by having established partnerships with other organizations, which also contribute to the development of Cambodia. By volunteering with us you can:

  • Give an access to education
  • Give an access to clean water
  • Provide bicyles
  • Provide access to food
  • Create jobs
  • Saving the environment
  • Provides housing
  • Develop gender equality
  • Protect children from being abuse
  • Sponsor children
  • Many more depending on the selected projects !
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