Teaching & Child Development Nairobi, Kenya Love Volunteers
Teach in under-resourced schools and provide the children with an educational foundation. Schools are also starting to develop vocational trainings.
School Development Assistance Nairobi, Kenya Mafanikio Organization
Bridging the gap through experimental learning of local and international volunteers in rural Kenya.
Teaching in primary school Malindi, Kenya Mafanikio Organization
Teaching English, Maths, Science & Sports to disadvantaged children in Malindi town. The school is lacking in teachers and infrastructure
Teaching a Baby Class Nairobi, Kenya Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation
Baby class is a class of kids from 3-4 years old.They are starting a school and need to learn and know more
Be a Preschool & Child Centre Assistant Nairobi , Kenya Musha Care Foundation
This project is well suited to volunteers with an interest in education and supporting child development opportunities in disadvantaged communities.
Social entrepreneurship key to youth empowerment Kima,Western Kenya, Kenya VACK jitolee Africa
Volunteer needed who will work closely with youth led initiatives withing the western Kenya communities through trainings and capacity building
Teaching in Grade 4 Nairobi, Kenya Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation
The class is after Grade 3 and of different ages of 9-11 years of age.
Teaching in Grade 1 Class Nairobi, Kenya Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation
Grade one class is a class after the Kindergarten class. The class is between kids of 6-7 years old.
Primary School Teaching Assistant Merille, Kenya Lchokuti Foundation
Teach in classroom-setting to supplement teacher lack (2 for 6 classes), give extra tuition for esp. needy (most standard below country avg), or organize sports/games...
Teaching Pre-unit/Kindergarten Nairobi, Kenya Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation
The pre unit class has kids between 6-7 years of age. The kids are enrolled into the class after they pass through nursery class.
Local Teacher Assistant Nairobi, Kenya Agape Volunteers
You'll be teaching a mixed curriculum to Kenyan children aged 6-14. You'll get to shadow a local teacher before leading your own lessons and games.
Teaching in Grade 2 Nairobi, Kenya Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation
The class is grade two between 8-9 years. Every child that is promoted to grade 2 is ready to read and write
Teaching in a Nursery class Nairobi, Kenya Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation
When kids move from Baby class the next class is Nursery.It is between 4-5 years of age
Children's Teacher Nairobi, Kenya VACK jitolee Africa
Volunteers needed to assist in the academic development of children within community schools in Kenya
Education Supporter in Rural Areas Kitale, Kenya Musha Care Foundation
Our aim is to bring people from different backgrounds together to build a quality education system for children in Kitale rural area in Kenya
School Teacher & Construction Worker Likuni Mombasa , Kenya Musha Care Foundation
For volunteers hoping to learn about swahili culture, participating in a Kenyan immersion program is the way to go. Your classes will be taught completely in English.
Teaching Grade 5 Nairobi, Kenya Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation
Grade five is an upper primary schoo. It is a teens class between ages 11-13 years
Teaching in Grade 3 Nairobi, Kenya Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation
The class is between ages 8 - 10 years.The class ranges from 10- 13 kids both boys and girls

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