Rehabilitation of Street Children Mumias, Kenya VACK jitolee Africa
Volunteers needed who will assist in the rehabilitation of street kids and offer social development services to them.
Care and Community Support Kitale, Kenya Musha Care Foundation
Help in a community project, working alongside locals and helping counseling and homework for the orphans living in Kitale Kenya
Work with Illiterate Pastoralist Community Merille, Kenya Lchokuti Foundation
Teach those who never got the chance to attend school, i.e. morans, elders, women, bush children, in areas of health, life skills, numeracy, language, literacy...
Local Social Work Assistant Kitale, Kenya Musha Care Foundation
This project is well suited to volunteers with a warm and caring nature, who love working with children and are passionate about supporting childhood development.
Refugee Development Supporter Mai Mahiu, Kenya Love Volunteers
Empower the refugees to develop their new village by helping with sustainable projects in gardening, education, construction or medicine
Drug Rehabilitation Assistant Diani Beach, Kenya Love Volunteers
Carry out a hands-on awareness program and go on daily outreach walks to provide proactive help, pick up and dispose used needles and clean addicts's wounds.

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