Support for Disadvantaged Community Pokhara, Nepal Insight Nepal
We believe that serving others is one of the most worthwhile human endeavors. The main objective of this program is to provide valuable support for community groups.
Holistic Community Development Lamjung, Nepal Good Karma Foundation Nepal
This program consist of multiple activities as working in Agriculture farm on holiday and teaching in local schools while experiencing the homestay.
[Remote] Community Development Internships Kathmandu, Nepal Indra Foundation
Join our remote Community Development Internships to gain practical work experiences in various community development issues and initiatives, working Virtually!
Local community and school support Ghyalchok, Nepal Best Adventure Nepal
Like every year we want to give back something to communities that are not so fortunate as ours. We will support local schools by providing the needed supplies.
[Remote] Crisis Management Internships Kathmandu, Nepal Indra Foundation
Join our remote Crisis Management to gain hands on experience to develop Crisis Management Skills and cope with social issues, working virtually!
Youth empowerment Kathmandu, Nepal Adventure Volunteer
Help Nepal's next generation acquire necessary life skills and create a safe environment for them feel comfortable in.
[Remote] Social Work Internships Kathmandu, Nepal Indra Foundation
Join our remote Social Work internships to gain professional Social Work Experiences, working on Social Issues and Social Initiatives virtually!

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