Childcare Development Worker Arusha, Tanzania Siret Volunteers
Volunteer to work with children in Arusha. Engage in stimulating play, assist in class and during mealtimes and helping with children's development activities.
Day Care Assistant Arusha, Tanzania Fursa Projects Tanzania
As a volunteer in Cheka Day Care you will work alongside with teachers taking care of children in the ages of 1-5 during daytime while the parents are working.
Support a local education centre for children Arusha, Tanzania STEP Africa
Help and teach at the preschool to prepare the 3-6 years old kids for primary school. Bring in your own ideas and arrange a nice and child-friendly freetime.
Childcare and Daycare Assistant Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
A Daycare needs volunteer to help with cleaning rooms, clothes, cooking of meals for the children, teaching the children as well as playing with and entertaining the kids
Childcare Assistant in Local Community Ilemela, Mwanza, Tanzania Musha Care Foundation
This project is well suited to caring individuals who want to assist in providing basic education for the children and offering support wherever your help is most needed
Childrens Centre Assistant Arusha, Tanzania Medi Trip
Work in a children's centre that serves underprivileged children who rely on this community centre for basic care and pre-school education.
Assist at day care centre with attached school Arusha, Tanzania STEP Africa
Help young children at preschool as well as young woman to find back to life with different projects.
Care Assistant in an Orphanage Arusha, Tanzania Agape Volunteers
You will participate in the regular daily activities of running a local children's home to ensure a safe place for the orphans.
Childcare Center Assistance Arusha, Tanzania Love Volunteers
Support the local staff by teaching the youngest children, playing games, cooking, feeding and cleaning up.

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