Orphanage Childcare and Education Assistant Arusha, Tanzania Plan My Gap Year
Leave a lasting impression on the lives of some of Tanzania’s most disadvantaged children by assisting with childcare and education in an orphanage.
Childcare at a local Baby Orphanage Arusha, Tanzania STEP Africa
Help the local staff at the Baby Orphanage to feed, bath and change the Babies and give them a lot of extra attention and love!
Community Outreach Assistant Arusha, Tanzania Khaya Volunteer Projects
Experience the Tanzanian life from close up in Arusha! Volunteers need to help at the community centre, pre-primary school and a small orphanage.
Help and assist at an orphanage for children Arusha, Tanzania STEP Africa
At this orphanage you support the team by taking care of the young children and offer them an age-appropriate free time arrangement.
Assist at an orphanage for kids with preschool Arusha, Tanzania STEP Africa
Support the team with the preschool classes in the mornings and create a great afternoon entertainment program for the children.

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