Teaching English in Schools Khao Lak, Phang Nga, Thailand Volunteer Teacher Thailand Non-profit | Volunteer Teacher Thailand
Use ready made lessons designed to follow the Thai National Curriculum and give a focus to your teaching.
Help our Rural Students with English Practice Hanoi, Viet Nam Athena English Agency | Athena English
Teaching English and enjoy peaceful life in our town
Alternative English Class Teacher Bangkok, Thailand Volunteer English Bangkok Non-profit | Volunteer English Bangkok
Volunteer as a teacher for our village student and learn about our culture!
English Teaching Companion Tabanan, Indonesia Plan My Gap Year Agency | Plan My Gap Year
Help kids build a solid foundation for their future by teaching them English, which is key for jobs in Bali.
English Teaching Guide Hanoi, Viet Nam Plan My Gap Year Agency | Plan My Gap Year
This is your opportunity to support Vietnam's education, a topic which is recently becoming increasingly more important in this unique country.
Community School English Teaching Phnom Penh, Cambodia Plan My Gap Year Agency | Plan My Gap Year
Teach English at a community school in Cambodia providing disadvantaged children with the tools to gain meaningful employment and break the cycle of poverty.
English Teaching Support Pathum Thani, Thailand Plan My Gap Year Agency | Plan My Gap Year
Assist local teachers with teaching English in the large classrooms that can have up to 40 children in at one time by talking to the children to improve their skills.
Assistant Primary School Teacher Bangkok, Thailand Peace and Happiness Foundation Non-profit | Peace and Happiness Foundation
We are looking for volunteers that can facilitate and teach Grade 1 & 2 students in the school we partner. Using the teaching materials we have like teaching VDOs and etc
English Teachers to improve communication skills Hanoi, Viet Nam Everest English Centre Agency | Everest English Centre
Teaching Conversational English to children and adults.
Local Assistant for Teaching Tianyar, Indonesia The Mighty Roar Agency | The Mighty Roar
Come and enjoy the picturesque Bali where you will help children to learn English and improve their futures.
Teach children at temple schools Ban Nong Phong /Udon Thani , Thailand Volunt2Thai Non-profit | Volunt2Thai
Exceptional opportunity to teach Thai children in the age 5-12 yo at temple schools in small traditional Thai villages
Provide English Education Luang Prabang, Laos Love Volunteers Agency | Love Volunteers
Improve the future prospects of some of Laos most disadvantaged and impoverished people, and help them to break the poverty cycle,
English Club Teacher Dong Van, Viet Nam Greenkarst English Club Agency | Greenkarst English Club
In this role you will help to organise English lesson plans and activities, and help the staff at our restaurant to improve their English speaking skills.
Education & Teaching Supporter Chiang Mai, Thailand Love Volunteers Agency | Love Volunteers
Help to increase the level of education and future employment through supporting the local staff. Students and teachers can practice their English with native speakers.
English Teaching and Conversation Hanoi, Viet Nam VCV Vietnam Non-profit | VCV Vietnam
Building Community through teaching English, exchanging cultures and giving charity with VCV Vietnam.
English Teaching Assistant for Children Phnom Penh, Cambodia Asia Volunteer Network Non-profit | Asia Volunteer Network
Many of the projects we work with are urgently searching for volunteers as they need teachers who can help out with teaching English.
English Teaching and Organic Farming with Locals Bali, Indonesia FNPF Non-profit | FNPF
Engaging with the local community to protect the wildlife and their habitat, as well as support organic farming and teach english to the locals
Support for English Education Bukit Lawang, Indonesia Bukit Lawang Trust Non-profit | Bukit Lawang Trust
We provide free English classes to kindergarten, primary school children, teenagers, and adults in the Bukit Lawang area.
English Teacher to Budhist Monks Siem Reap, Cambodia Asia Volunteer Network Non-profit | Asia Volunteer Network
We need volunteers to help us teaching English to monks in Siem Reap province. Most of monks are young and really want to learn English.