Assist With Childcare & Activities Accra, Ghana Dream Africa Care Foundation Non-profit | Dream Africa Care Foundation
Caring for children in our orphanage with assisting them in their daily life, aged between 1 month and 18 years.
Afternoon Orphanage Buddy Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka Plan My Gap Year Agency | Plan My Gap Year
Encourage and care for children, provide them with much needed confidence and to help maximise their potential.
Orphanage Childcare and Education Assistant Arusha, Tanzania Plan My Gap Year Agency | Plan My Gap Year
Leave a lasting impression on the lives of some of Tanzania’s most disadvantaged children by assisting with childcare and education in an orphanage.
Childcare & Orphanage Worker Arusha, Tanzania Siret Volunteers Agency | Siret Volunteers
Volunteer to work with disadvantaged children in Arusha. Engage in stimulating play, caring for the children during mealtimes and helping the carers with day to day work.
Children Caretaker & Mentor Kathmandu, Nepal Indra Foundation Non-profit | Indra Foundation
Volunteer in a Nepal Orphanage for Children and gain once in a life time volunteer experiences by working in Nepal Orphanages.
Caretaker & Companion Kathmandu, Nepal We Volunteer Nepal Non-profit | We Volunteer Nepal
Help homeless and orphaned children back to healthy, secure and constructive lives. Helping those unprotected children is a pure humanitarian work.
Teacher and Companion for Local Orphanages Delhi, India Plan My Gap Year Agency | Plan My Gap Year
Use your creativity and enthusiasm to care and nurture for children. Help them to maximise their potential by providing them with much needed confidence.
Children's Caretaker and Mentor Mombasa, Kenya VACK jitolee Africa Non-profit | VACK jitolee Africa
Help in our orphanage and give orphaned and abandoned children the care and love they need to grow up into mature and responsible people.
Mentor and Childcare Support Port Elizabeth, South Africa Khaya Volunteer Projects Agency | Khaya Volunteer Projects
The Door of Hope Orphanage is a safe haven for 32 children where volunteers can assist in numerous ways!
Supporter in Local Orphanage Kumasi, Ghana Plan My Gap Year Agency | Plan My Gap Year
This is the perfect role for someone with a big heart and the desire to do something meaningful.
Orphanage Childcare and Education Helper Tacloban City, Philippines Volunteer for the Visayans Non-profit | Volunteer for the Visayans
By volunteering in a childcare facility, you will be able to augment emotional and educational support for some of the Philippines most disadvantaged children.
Childcare at a local Baby Orphanage Arusha, Tanzania STEP Africa Agency | STEP Africa
Help the local staff at the Baby Orphanage to feed, bath and change the Babies and give them a lot of extra attention and love!
Assistance at a Day Care Center Nairobi, Kenya Agape Volunteers Non-profit | Agape Volunteers
You will be assisting in the day to day running of a local orphanage. You'll be helping with chores and leading games with the children.
Child Care Support Kumasi, Ghana SFLIG volunteers Non-profit | SFLIG volunteers
Volunteers work in orphanage home. Volunteers helps to care for the children especially the babies and toddlers by bathing, feeding, dressing and playing with them.
Orphanage Care Accra, Ghana VolunteerMatch Ghana Non-profit | VolunteerMatch Ghana
As a care volunteer working with children in orphanages, you would be helping the kids to learn life-skills that parents would normally teach.
Hoa Mai Children Home Vi Thanh City, Viet Nam Volunteer Vietnam Non-profit | Volunteer Vietnam
At Hoa Mai Home of Affection volunteers have the opportunity to work with 70 orphans from 4 to 18 years old in Mekong Delta, Vietnam.
Childcare assistant and mentor Adaklu, Ghana Crossover Volunteer Ghana Non-profit | Crossover Volunteer Ghana
Hopes to help orphans and needed childs in thirteen Adaklu communities attend school. The project will provide uniforms and shoes for 300 orphans
Orphanage & Childcare Facility Helper Kingston, Jamaica Jamaica Volunteer Programs Agency | Jamaica Volunteer Programs
Help local Orphanages & Childcare facilities by providing the invidualized attention and care needed for the emotional growth and development of orphans in need.
Orphanage ChildCare Assistant Bolgatanga, Ghana FUTURE FOR AFRICA Non-profit | FUTURE FOR AFRICA
Our Ghanaian orphanage volunteer program seeks to address the numerous problems that many orphans without proper education, health care, food, love and attention.