Work with Disabled Children San Jose , Costa Rica South America Inside
Assist teachers during lessons, help organize activities, and care for children that have disabilities. Make a positive impact on them and brighten up their day.
Speech Therapy and Special Education Assistant Panajachel, Guatemala Integrated Learning Experience
Assist staff with speech therapy sessions, special education and physiotherapy.
Teacher for Children with Special Needs Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Adventure Volunteer
Help empower children with special needs from vulnerable backgrounds by providing them with good education and valuable life skills.
Special Education Support Antigua, Guatemala Integrated Learning Experience
Encourage the educational opportunities of children with special needs by teaching them general knowledge, music, educational games, and workshops.
Early Stimulation Assistant Huancayo, Peru Expand Peru
Help with early stimulation and care of babies and children under 3 years of age.
Special Needs Care Center Quito, Ecuador Love Volunteers
The center provides services for children with disabilities, rehabilitation as well as daily care for those in need.
Disabled Child Care Huancayo, Peru Expand Peru
Care and attention to children with disabilities in therapy centers, schools, homes for their development.
Help Disabled People Quito , Ecuador South America Inside
Show your compassion for children and adults with disabilities by teaching them different subjects, participating in recreational activities, and providing therapy.
Special Education School San Ramon- Alajuela, Costa Rica Integrated Learning Experience
This program is designed to make the most out of education that is tailored to individuals with special needs.
Work at School for Mentally Disabled and Deaf Kids Cusco, Peru Love Volunteers
Play an essential role in helping to teach disabled children, in severely understaffed and underfunded schools.

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