Sustainable Farming Supporter Coachford, Ireland CTL Ireland Agency | CTL Ireland
Support a sustainable farm and get the opportunity to help at the farm café in the nearby friendly and vibrant city of Cork. A unique way to experience authentic Ireland!
Nature Reserve Preservation Taolagnaro, Madagascar Plan My Gap Year Agency | Plan My Gap Year
We need volunteers to help us with wildlife conservation and monitoring, physical maintenance and renovation on the reserve and environmental education awareness.
Restoring the rainforest Rosário da Limeira, Brazil Iracambi Research Center Non-profit | Iracambi Research Center
Join us in one of the world's top biodiversity hotspots: Brazil's Atlantic Forest, to gain firsthand experience in biodiversity conservation and sustainability!
Wildlife Protection Batu Katak, Indonesia Stay Wild Tiger Protection Non-profit | Stay Wild Tiger Protection
Checking and maintaining camera traps in a Karst forest located in the Leuser Ecosystem and home to many threatened species. Monitoring of flora and fauna.
Conserve the Environment & Educate the Community Arusha, Tanzania FEid - Tanzania Non-profit | FEid - Tanzania
Engage with different communities to manage natural resources, conserve environment, improve health status of people and raise literacy rate towards poverty alleviation.
Conservation and Reforestation Kalimantan, Indonesia FNPF Non-profit | FNPF
If you want to experience the real Indonesian life and help the local inhabitants, wildlife and the habitat then this project is for you.
Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Nosy Be, Madagascar Global Nomadic Agency | Global Nomadic
Work on various environmental conservation projects, such as lemur protection, beach cleanups and awareness campaigns and get to know the amazing island of Madagascar.
Village Conservation Assistant Masaka, Uganda CIIRD Uganda Non-profit | CIIRD Uganda
This position is open to volunteers interested in working with local people to improve their adaptation and resilience to climate change and its effects.
Environmental Conservation Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania Agency | Viva Tanzania
Educate society to be more sustainable and aware towards the needs of the environment and to create a green place to live in. Conserve your Environment to Conserve You.
Marine & Environment Conservation Mombasa, Kenya Pamoja International Non-profit | Pamoja International
Marine conservation volunteers are needed to research on chemical and physical oceanography, training on modern fishing methods and sustainability.
Support water catchment rehabilitation Limbe, Cameroon EPDA Cameroon Non-profit | EPDA Cameroon
Volunteers work with a team of dedicated team of staff members to rehabilitate community water catchments through tree planting.
Climate Farming Assistant Musanze, Rwanda Partners For Conservation Non-profit | Partners For Conservation
The programme aims at promoting a Climate Smart Agriculture by helping a traditional hunter and fruit gatherer community to depend on farming over park natural resources.
Biodiversity Conservation Assistant Musanze, Rwanda Partners For Conservation Non-profit | Partners For Conservation
The programme aims at sharing knowledge and upgrading skills in environment related issues to preserve a biodiversity legacy
Environment Intern Migori County, Kenya Rieko Kenya Non-profit | Rieko Kenya
Environmental Interns participate in environment conservation, revitalization, and other community projects

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