Education Team Agriculture Helper Nema Kunku, Gambia Africa Startup MyFarm
Volunteer in our beautiful gardens. You will help the garden team maintain the vast gardens and even help out in our garden and entrepreneurship training programs.
Community Outreach Coordinator Nema Kunku, Gambia Africa Startup MyFarm
MyFarm on wheels is the coolest truck in Gambia. It is fitted with everything we need to facilitate our curriculum to the whole country.
Education Team Nema Kunku, Gambia Africa Startup MyFarm
Work in specialized Learning Labs and facilitate our innovative learning methods for Gambian children. Help us to test and improve these techniques ready for global use.
Content and App Creator Nema Kunku, Gambia Africa Startup MyFarm
At MyFarm we make educational apps for everything we do. The content creator's role is to observe and get involved in activities, and create the content into our system.

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Project Details

MyFarm provides "An Educational Journey From Seed To Business"

MyFarm is a creative hub where skills and knowledge are shared with people of all ages.

An educational journey from seed to business”

MyFarm is exactly that! Our beautiful one-hectare farm is a creative hub where people of all ages learn, train, and share knowledge in and amongst the mixed fruit orchard.

MyFarm showcases sustainable technologies by using them practically and shares this knowledge with all who want to learn. Why? We believe in the sharing of knowledge and skills, especially if it will help towards a more sustainable future.

Innovative learning techniques are tested, trialed, and improved at MyFarm to get them ready to be shipped across the world. Leap Learning (our lead partner) uses specialised Learning Labs that are designed for children (and all ages) to learn to learn. Each Learning Lab uses unique apps and hands on games at different stations around the room, this ensures the children can use at their own level and pace. Learn more here:

MyFarm aims to showcase a holistic approach to learning by showcasing how things relate to each other. Training programs specially designed by our team are how we share out our knowledge and skills.

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Are you a positive and proactive person who has a passion for education, environmental awareness, and loves being, and working outside?

Then volunteering at MyFarm will be perfect for you!

Specific volunteering programs are available, but as MyFarm is a creative hub with so many things going on, from entrepreneurship training to our innovative learning labs, and garden and farming activities, you can also do a little bit of everything!

You will stay in the beautiful gardens in either our newly built volunteer's house or in one of the traditional huts we have dotted around the farm. Every day you will be treated to beautiful peaceful sunrises and colourful sunsets that filter through our canopy of mango trees. It's basic living, but you will have all that you will need. Real Gambian breakfasts and lunches are provided on request by our team our beautiful cooks…What more could you want :) 

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
lucas Barrow-townsend
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Social Impact

MyFarm is run by AfricaStartUp (Gambia), a non-for-profit charitable organization and social enterprise. 

Our mission is: To improve livelihoods in the Gambia through education in agricultural innovation, environmental protection, and entrepreneurism. We believe that access to information and education is critical to a child’s future success and with our daily “drop-in” kids program we try to sparkle creativity and curiosity. We do residential training “From Seed to Business” and soap production, sales & marketing, and practical business training. We work together with youth groups and individual youth who prove their eagerness to get enrolled in starting up a small business.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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