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Aliados work side by side with indigenous partners to build community enterprise that balances the economic development of local communities with conservation.

Aliados is an Ecuadorian and US nonprofit organization with over a decade’s experience creating sustainable value chains in the Amazon rainforest. We work side by side with our indigenous partners to build community enterprise that balances the economic development of local communities with the conservation of their forests and biodiversity. We provide integrated support so that local communities have the tools, capacities, and resources to drive conservation of these precious ecosystems through effective forest stewardship. 

The Aliados internship offers young professionals a hands on opportunity to learn about the key issues for sustainable development in the tropics. Before arrival, interns identify their area of interest (see below) and we then tailor their time with us so that they gain direct experience in these areas, while contributing positively to Aliados’ work. Interns are incorporated into existing Aliados work teams, and realistic, but ambitious goals are established for their time in Ecuador. By forming part of work teams, interns also have the opportunity to develop key soft skills that are increasingly sought after in the workplace, including:

  • Working in a cross-cultural team
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Critical thinking with an integrated understanding of the “whole ecosystem”
  • Problem solving & leadership 
  • Learning how to deal with and manage uncertainty

Interns also spend time with our partner communities in family homestays to better understand day to day life, and the perspective, opportunities and challenges for indigenous people.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Pamela Guachamín
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Social Impact

 ince the beginning of our work on 2018 our work seeks to impact three major areas:

 1. Farm and Forest

Number of hectares under sustainable management plans: 50,573 (125,000 acres)

Number of hectares certified organic: 1,128 (2,787 acres)

Number of hectares reforested: 20 (50 acres) 

2. Community Enterprise

Total invested in fair trade social premium fund (2012-2017): $161,938

Total invested in community projects (2012-2017): $624,786

Total number of communities we work with: 237


3. Market Development

Additional income to farmers (2012-2017): $1,550,000

Number of families supported: 2,329

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