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An open school focused on environmental practices. A unique learning experience for working with medicinal plants & mushrooms, to positevely impact wildlife and people.

The Centre was founded in 2012 by a group of biologists and researchers during an International Cooperation Work in Latin America. 

We started early to have a clear vision of what was needed in the rural areas affected by human intervention and explotation, so we created an operative school for indigenous people.

Here in Portugal we are reproducing the same successfull strategies for a more conscious living and we open the doors to locals and foregneirs with the strong desire of rewriting the role of humans in the biosphere.The Centre welcomes individuals from different paths of life but with a common intention: to apply instant change to the environment and people's lives.

Our mission is to guide individuals and communities to the diverse environmental practices of herbalism and mycology with the guidance of experienced biologists and mycologists in order to gain knowledge on sustainability and innovative living solutions.

We actively host environmental boards and local meetings, we genuinely mediate in between the environment and the needs of locals. Our re-forestation programs are the major activities all year-round, while short-term projects are periodically planned accordingly to seasons.

Resident teachers are focused on presenting the many environmental and successful practices around the area, so to obtain a clear demostration of the ecological impact.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
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Elisa Fusi
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Social Impact

A re-forestation project is an instant solution for restoring abandoned, desolated or abused environments. We strongly believe that before action comes education, so we want to spouse the more practical projects with designed courses. Wildlife and wilderness can be brought back to life with an high density plantation of native species.

Portugal has been severely affected by massive fires and destruction of entire plots of forests. We actively work with local governments, associations and communities in order to invert this trend and bring the land to a more fertile, lush status. Beyond the reforestation projects we continously create a network of inspired and conscious people and organizations willing to exchange their knowledge into an educational setting.

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