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Our program is about teaching English for children in the rural areas. Volunteers will focus on speaking and listening skills. Also enjoy the rural culture of Vietnam.

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Project Details

Experience rural Vietnamese way of life
Gain teaching experience and cultural mix with other volunteers and local people
Get monthly financial support if you can commit

Who are we?

Athena is a social enterprise of educational development in Soc Son district, Hanoi, Vietnam. We teach English for students from different ages. We find our students to be quick-learners and eager to improve. However, that is all about in the terms of theory and grammar. But, we are aware of the importance of practicing a foreign language with fluent English teachers. That is the reason why our school was established to help rural students have more chance to approach English. We also need help from you, English speakers. Please give us a hand come to help us with English practice.

Our program is about teaching English for children in the rural areas. We-Vietnamese teachers will teach them grammar and vocabulary. Volunteers will focus on speaking and listening skills, so we need your help in this field. Because we want to help our students overcome the fear of learning English and be confident in using English in communicating. Vietnamese students are often shy and afraid of speaking English, even if they are good at grammar and writing.  

What do we do?

In terms of economy, we provide low-price classes and totally free for poor children. We sometimes organize competitions and give scholarships to children in schools in town. We have about 200 students and half of them are from the poor families in town. These students are taught free but they are very nice. Sometimes, they bring us vegetables or flowers which they grow themselves. That makes us find our job more meaningful than earning money

Also, we hope you can bring different knowledge to our students through stories about your traveling experience and about your home country. , We don't only teach them English, we also teach them about life. And foreign teachers have brought them knowledge about the world outside of Vietnam and the views of their life.

Our goal?

Is to create a multi-cultural environment to help students and local people have new views on their life and in terms of education, we want to help them to improve the English of rural students. 

Who are we looking for and why choose us?

We are looking for extroverted people, eager to work with children and have fun. We want to help our students with learning English and practice the language in our own town for free and discover the world more, through volunteers. 

With us you can get:

* A memorable and satisfying experience by teaching Vietnamese children.

* Enhancement of your teaching skills.

* An opportunity to see rural Viet Nam closely and be aware of the problems faced and the life of the people living there.

* An opportunity to spend time in Viet Nam and have knowledge about the culture, language and traditions.

We need you to help us with English practice not grammar which students can get from textbook.

Vietnamese children are usually shy and not confident in communicating, and we believe you can help our students overcome the fear of using English to communicate.

Where do we work?

We are located in the rural area surrounding Noi Bai Airport. Don’t think because it’s rural it’s boring. Where we live it’s full of life and things to do. Also, the landscape is quaint and the air fresher than a big city like Hanoi. There all types of shops and restaurants nearby too. Friendly people eager to get to know you :

The main focus of the project is on
Contact Person
Jose Saldanha
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

We provide English lessons to children in the surrounding area of Hanoi. 
This way we hope to improve the children's future so they have the tools to face it the best possible way.

Also, apart from the skill of learning English, our students learn about different cultures and have a lot of fun meeting new foreigner teachers.
We were able to motivate many children to want to learn English.
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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