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We are looking for volunteers to help with caring for the children living at our orphanage. They go to school however they benefit so much from extra tuition and care.

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Bulbulir Basa has provided Food, Shelter, and education for homeless and street children. We need volunteers to help out with our children with education & computer.

The BULBULIR BASA WELFARE SOCIETY was found in December 2001 as a direct response to the high levels of homeless and street children in Kolkata. This orphanage provides a safe and secure environment for these vulnerable children as well as a loving family atmosphere, dedicated to helping the children build their character and to advance in their academic studies.

The number of "Street Children" far exceeds the number of places available for residential care. Street children are often drawn into Child Labour which is irregular, poor paid, and often hazardous. UNICEF estimates that there are approximately 100,000 street children in Kolkata. Among them, about 20,000 are child labourers. These children are robbed of their childhood and innocence. The organization has realized that the principal reason children continue to live on the streets is the lack of adequate medical care and educational opportunity. Only if these two areas are addressed can there be any possibility that the children can break the cycle of deprivation?

Bulbulir Basa is dedicated to offering a home for some of the many street children in Kolkata, as well as operating a medical dispensary for the poor. The children attend an English Primary School and Bengali Secondary school from Monday through Friday, with additional tutorials in the evening, where the boys can study and work on schoolwork. The children have formed a close-knit living family and have adjusted well to school, as well as maintaining high standards and good discipline. In Kolkata, the number of “street children” far exceeds the number of places for them to live.  Another objective of the society is to continue to run an on-site medical dispensary offering medical care for the sick and the destitute. The medical care that is offered is free of charge to people of all ages and religions within our community. 
Come join our family by volunteering, and experience something life-changing.  

It is very important the orphanage maintains consistency in the boys' care. We ask that you consider your travel plans carefully and honor any commitments to volunteer. We prefer you to make arrangements one month prior to arrival.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Prabir Kumar Das
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Volunteer Objectives

As a volunteer at the Bulbulir Basa Orphanage, you will be living in a happy establishment with the orphans. Volunteers help the children with their academic studies, play games, and most importantly act as role models for these deprived children.

Objectives of the Orphanage:

1) To maintain a safe and pleasant environment for abandoned children and care for all their needs, including medical, education, and culture. The children will attend school and receive classes in Bengali music and arts in order to strengthen cultural ties.

2) To promote and encourage the advancement of literacy. A free coaching center will be maintained at Bulbulir Basa Orphanage for street children.

3) To help the sick, aged, and destitute. The on-site dispensary will offer free medical treatment to people of all ages and religions in the community.

The goal for which the Bulbulir Basa Orphanage society was established will benefit the orphans and with your support, it can become reality. Shelter, education, health, and culture are the main activities in our orphanage.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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