The Uje Umampha! (Be Well!) HIV support group Stepping Stones Primary School Assistant Nkhata Bay, Malawi Butterfly Space Malawi
Help to assist and support our fantastic Malawian teachers at this inspiring school. With a modern holistic teaching approach, all talents and skills are welcomed
School Permaculture Clubs Nkhata Bay, Malawi Butterfly Space Malawi
A nonprofit that promotes permaculture principles to children in Malawi, supporting primary school teachers who want to run after-school permaculture clubs.
Mpamba Disability Skill Sharing Centre Nkhata Bay, Malawi Butterfly Space Malawi
Get involved in this inspiring hub for disabled members to share & learn skills in tailoring, catering, carpentry & building. They also run a nursery school for children.
Nursery School and Youth Club Assist Nkhata Bay, Malawi Butterfly Space Malawi
Bring flair & energy into our nursery schools & youth club, assisting our teachers in their daily tasks, introducing new games, arts, crafts, dance, English practise etc.
Community Multi Media Centre Nkhata Bay, Malawi Butterfly Space Malawi
Bring to life our Multimedia Centre to help our community access our recording studio, library and IT resources and run workshops and lessons in areas in your expertise!
Kandoli FM Community Radio Station Nkhata Bay, Malawi Butterfly Space Malawi
Offering an opportunity for volunteers looking to build on experience in journalism, media & advertising, this exciting new project has big potential.
The Uje Umampha! (Be Well!) HIV support group Nkhata Bay, Malawi Butterfly Space Malawi
This project provides vital support for people living with HIV to establish a peer support group, give education and counselling & provide business opportunities

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Project Details

Diverse and inspiring community projects around the local area run by a beautifully situated non-profit lodge on the lakeshore of northern Malawi.

Butterfly Space (registered UK charity no.1148162) is a non-profit lodge and community project in Nkhata Bay, Northern Malawi.

Butterfly Space has hosted volunteers for over 12 years, and we aim to provide and encourage ethical volunteering and internships to respectfully work alongside and educate our community. There is an emphasis on exchanging knowledge and experience as projects are diverse and self-sustaining where possible and are staffed by local people who work alongside the volunteers.

We run a non-profit lodge offering all of the amenities necessary to host volunteers and make them as comfortable and pleasant as possible during their stay, with accommodation charged at the lowest rate possible to cover costs. Other than this, we do not charge a fee for volunteering with us, so we can provide a really unique and affordable experience for people wanting to join our community and have a unique experience that supports our fantastic projects, while enjoying the beautiful location on the lake and the warm Malawian culture. 

We have a diverse range of ongoing projects, which can be found on our website; Volunteers can be matched with the projects they feel they are most passionate about and are encouraged to come with new ideas and make their mark. Volunteers will receive guidance and support both before they arrive and during their stay about the organisation, projects, travel advice, health and safety, and are welcomed to discuss, develop and implement their new ideas, fundraise and provide ongoing support. 

We are a community and we welcome everyone who wants to give, receive and share!

All of our projects are located around the Nkhata Bay district and Butterfly Space lodge is used as a hub to plan, discuss and debrief after a days volunteering, as well as to relax, socialize with locals, travelers and other volunteers while enjoying the beautiful lake's crystal clear waters and the surrounding lush permaculture gardens.

Around Nkhata Bay and the local area: Nkhata Bay is a 15 minute walk, and a bustling ferry port and market town, rich in culture and beautifully nestled into a beautiful bay on the lake shore. It is lively both during the day and in the evening, and is a very welcoming and safe hub for volunteers to explore.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Holly Kift
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Social Impact

Butterfly Space has been built to create a positive effect upon the surrounding community, and as such they have encouraged activities and projects which are providing long lasting experiences and opportunities. At the same time they have brought a warm and homely environment for travelers who wish to really immerse themselves into Malawian culture. Butterfly has become a place where everyone is welcomed.

Around the grounds there are many projects geared towards the community, all of which are completely free of charge and non-profit. Josie has concentrated on the following projects which help the community in using different types of media and with her passion for permaculture is also highlighted in the school gardens project. The Information and Internet Centre opened in 2009 is full most days for the locals to research for educational purposes. The Media Centre attracts some budding journalists with a lot of equipment including video cameras and voice recorders which are available for the community to make use of. The small recording room at the back is often full with the local youth practicing their skills and making original music. A new initiative includes the project of setting up Nkhata Bay’s first Radio Station. Having already been training youth in the area for journalism and recording and recently gaining a broadcasting license, the next job is to get the equipment and get on air. From there the potential for development and education is massive!

We have also previously run weekly groups, led by Alice. These include The Disabled Group, to the FAAWN HIV Group which educates the many people with HIV in the area to have a healthier life style in terms of nutrition, and the Women’s Groups which are busy tailoring, knitting, providing massage and selling their delicious home made peanut butter. Youth Club has been running for years, which is busy most afternoons with different age groups and different activities going on. A playground built at the top provides the local kids with constant fun and a small stage provides the opportunity should anyone want to stage a play.

With environmental changes at the forefront of people’s minds worldwide, Alice and Josie have developed Butterfly in a sustainable manner, employing appropriate technologies and permaculture principles wherever relevant. By providing demonstrations and information upon many techniques, Butterfly ensures that these developments can be available to the local community.

They have already moved off the flush toilet system and the new compost toilets now helps fertilize the garden. The kitchen increasingly utilizes produce from the gardens. Butterfly has also built a clay oven which produces amazing pizzas and they hope to hook up some solar hot water to the kitchen soon. They are also working on their interactive garden which labels the plants around the site for the many uses and values. Always thinking ahead, Alice and Josie also save seeds and multiply anything they grow here so they can share with schools and farming groups. Nutritional workshops with the FAAWN Group and other agricultural groups emphasizes the need for a healthy diverse local diet.

We now operate permaculture school clubs (MSPC) in over 22 schools around Malawi, and have a developed a teacher training programme which is held here at Butterfly. The grounds are full of permaculture and sustainable demonstration techniques to inspire and encourage teachers to take these practices to their schools and teach them during their sessions with their students. This project won the Lush Award Prize in 2018!

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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