Long term Dive & Coral planting internship Long term Dive & Coral planting internship Dauis, Philippines Coral Ocean Farmers
Includes coral planting workshops, diving or freediving focused on corals. Lunch is included as well as chill and fun time on the boat

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Coral Ocean Farmers is Non-Profit Organization focused on planting corals and restoring the reef. Our ultimate goal is to spread awareness and create healthy behaviors.

Coral Ocean Farmers (COF) is a non-profit organisation which main goal is to create new behaviors and lifestyles for a healthier ocean and marine life recovery.

Why do we plant corals?  

Because corals support a huge part of the marine food-chain (up to 30% of marine life biodiversity). Corals also provide shelter and protection to small fish from predators.

You might not know it, but reefs are so important to coastal shores as they protect them from storms or shoreline erosions. 

Adding to all these benefits, that corals absorb and store some harmful pollutants such as carbon and CO2.

Our NGO's goal is not only restoring the reef, but also spreading awareness about our oceans. Because we think education is key, we dedicate ourselves to sharing knowledge on how to be an ocean-friendly diver, fisherman, kid…

Of course, we are in love with the ocean and we all want to keep exploring the underwater world. This is why we certify divers in coral planting and oriented diving courses.

Wether you are a diver, free diver, snorkeler, beginner or pro, or just an ocean and marine life lover, join us to make your diving experience more meaningful about marine conservation !

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
François Fournier
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Social Impact

We're aiming to impact local communities and divers. 

Our social impact would be on fishermen community and on kids at school. The best way to do it is through education. 

Educating fishermen on adopting healthy behaviors and sustainable fishing. 

Educating kids and future generation about the importance of the corals and how they can contribute and protect their oceans.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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