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We are the only environmental non-profit in the province. Volunteers support is essential to protect the marine reserve and the last coastal Chocó rainforests in Ecuador

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Our project is located between coastal tropical rainforest and a Marine Reserve. Most of our work is focused on marine turtle conservation and permaculture.

Fundación Cusumbí was born legally in 2021 (we are doing conservation work since 2013) with the hope of contributing to conserve these diverse and fragile ecosystems in the province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Our main goal is to work with children and young people, through workshops and activities that raise awareness about the importance of respecting all beings of Nature, to protect the surrounding forests and beaches. In recent years, we have been working with other local organizations to strengthen sustainable enterprises: sea turtle rescue, regenerative agriculture, community-based eco-tourism, bio-construction, recovery of ancestral knowledge, amongst others, with the aim of building a development model in balance with Nature. 

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Andrea Sosa
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The Galera-San Francisco peninsula is located in the northern coast of Ecuador being part of the Chocó-Darien-Magdalena hotspot. This area features an outstanding diversity of habitats ranging from mangroves, estuaries, rocky reefs, coral patches to moist and dry tropical forests, with high levels of biodiversity and endemism. It is located within IBA EC-007 (Important Bird Area) bearing tropical forest surrounded by the Muisne mangroves to the south, semi-deciduous forests of the Tonchigüe river valley to the east and north, and the Galera San Francisco Marine Reserve to the west.

Marine area of Esmeraldas, influenced by warm tropical waters of the Panama current, provides favourable conditions for nesting of sea turtles making the Galera San Francisco Marine Reserve (RMGSF) home to a great diversity of marine-coastal habitats and species, such as four of sea turtle: Chelonia mydasLepidochelys olivacea, Eretmochelys imbricata and Dermochelys coriaceaall of them listed as vulnerable according to the IUCN red List.

However, this ecosystems are threatened by overfishing, habitat destruction, deforestation, pollution and uncontrolled development. People who live in this area are strongly dependant on natural resources for their subsistance, being fishing one of the main activities to sustain local communities. Unsustainable fishing practices have resulted in the collapse of marine resources, jeopardizing the biodiversity of the area and the wellbeing of local communities.

Work on conservation is crucial in order to save the healthy ecosystems that still remain. Volunteer support is very important for the viability of this projects. 
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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