Project Details

Do Guatemala is a volunteer and travel agency, recruiting international volunteers to benefit local social projects in Quetzaltenango, Antigua and other locations.

Do Guatemala is a Guatemalan-Dutch owned volunteer and travel agency, established and operating since 2012. Our objective is to facilitate services in Guatemala by organizing custom-made itineraries for volunteering, Spanish lessons and/or traveling in Guatemala. 
We started Do Guatemala, realizing that in Guatemala, there is no such agency that organizes everything under one roof. So we wanted to organize especially high-quality volunteering with fulltime supervision, but also enable this in combination with Spanish lessons and traveling. After years of work experience in Guatemala and in tourism, we decided to launch Do Guatemala, and this formula of combining all aspects of experiencing Guatemala has proven to be a success.

Where we are

We are based in Quetzaltenango, the second biggest city of Guatemala, but we work throughout the whole country. We are in the process of uploading more projects to this website, also located in for example Antigua, the Pacific Coast and the Peten area, to offer more variety of projects. 

Speaking of Quetzaltenango;  it´s a typical Guatemalan (big) city, with all services within reach. In terms of tourism it´s less massive as Antigua for example, as in Xela we receive many Spanish students and volunteers who stay for longer, but are looking for a more "real" Guatemalan environment. The population here is 40% indigenous and 60% Ladino, and there is not so much English spoken.

Safety is generally not an issue for volunteers, as long as you listen to the advice that we give you as soon as you arrive. In the orientation we´ll give you a map of the city, and explain everything about what to expect, and what (not) to do.

Our mission 

Our mission is to make your volunteer experience something to be proud of for the rest of your life, while we show you this beautiful country of Guatemala in all its glory and grandeur. You’ll be part of the Guatemalan family, and invited to come back and to talk to your friends and family to do the same, regardless if you come for volunteering, traveling, or language lessons.

Being located in Guatemala, we are concerned with Guatemala´s development. We support the organizations and projects in our volunteer program with a donation, either financial or materialistic, to be fully involved with our partner projects. For each volunteer we receive, we will hold apart a donation for our social projects.

Whom we are looking for

We are looking for enthousiastic volunteers. Not to change the (Guatemalan) world in two weeks, but with realistic expectations and with the skills to adapt to another culture and way of working. 

We recommend our volunteers to keep 3 words in mind when doing volunteer work: Being proactive, flexible and open minded. That´s the most important thing. And some basic Spanish is helpful too!

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Petra Post
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Do Guatemala supports local projects in Guatemala by placing volunteers at the projects. The projects we work with are 100% Guatemalan who don´t often have the knowledge and resources to recruit their volunteers abroad, so Do Guatemala jumps in as an intermediary to provide also these local projects with volunteers, as they are very much needed.
Also, we support the projects with secondary benefits like fundraise campaigns and donations, that totally benefit the projects.

Over the last years, we have supported our partner projects in many ways. We have donated school supplies, groceries, paint, we have implemented an area for early stimulation of baby´s with their mothers (baby gyms, foamies, etc), roller skates, and we have organized activities for the projects such as medical missions, repair and paint missions and dance workshops. Too much to mention, and there´s still more work to do!

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