Eco-Agric Uganda

Project Details

It is a members based Ugandan None Governmental Organisation established 2007 that aims at improving livelihoods of rural poor communities in Uganda

About us

This is a Ugandan member based None Governmental organisation established 2007 and registered with the Uganda registrar of Companies and the Uganda NGO Board. All organisations activities aim at improving community livelihoods through rights empowerment, sustainable agricultural production, environmental conservation, health education and promotion, economic empowerment and nutrition; skills development and educational support.

Our Vision

Its Vision is having "A healthy and empowered population living in a sustainable environment"

Our Goal

Organisations goal “to contribute to improved livelihoods of communities and health outcomes

The location

It operates in central and western Uganda, which is in the pearl of Africa. It works with rural poor communities especially orphans and vulnerable children, women, disabled, elderly, youths and other vulnerable communities. The communities are welcoming, with a variety of fruits like pineapples, avocados, and mangoes.  The climate is warm, beautiful, and sunny with a mix of traditional culture.

Why you should chose us

Working with Eco-Agric Uganda, you will enjoy and benefit from the good leadership and the goals it shares with employees, plus team work. You will benefit from its team building and on-the-job training and opportunities to enhance your work-related skills. The working environment is risk free with the organization able to understand available risks and take the necessary steps to protect employees against risks. 

Who we are looking for

We are looking for volunteers to support the organisations activities of improving rural poor peoples livelihoods.

Please come support rural poor communities as you relax, tour the pearl of Africa. Everything you will eat will be fresh and be assured of a meal with a variety. 

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
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Social Impact

Eco-Agric Uganda has been able to empower communities to participate in their social development programs and also develop mechanisms for monitoring resource use and service delivery within the District Local Governments. It has a track record of successfully managing and implementing 

  1. Sustainable farming methods and technologies among 2569 rural poor communities with 80% women
  2. Making 1262 Energy saving cook stoves      and  training on environmental conservation
  3. Promoting HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support among 12000 people
  4. Conducting policy advocacy for the rights of women, children and marginalized and key populations
  5. Capacity building for CBOs as part of community system strengthening
  6. Promoting and conducting health education among 1200 people
  7. Training on entrepreneurship skills while providing educational support to 2456 women
  8. Supporting 800 youths with vocational skills
  9. supporting  1200 orphans and vulnerable children go to school and get lunch from school
  10. 38 schools supported to start sports activities and establish school gardens

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