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We work with existing community projects and schools in providing education and care to both fortunate and a bit fortunate children in the community.

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Encounter Local is a volunteer and travel organization that offers local and international visitors have life changing experiences through volunteering and traveling.

Encounter Local is a volunteer and travel organization established in January 2015, offering opportunities to local and international visitors to have life changing experiences, that comes with volunteering and traveling in Africa whilst getting to interact with the local people as well learn about their culture and lifestyle. Planning a trip to Africa can be very exciting, but also it can be just as overwhelming. We are focused into providing safe, responsible and affordable volunteer and travel experiences.

Encounter Local has established relationships with social projects such as St. Teresa Community, a relatively small pre - school and primary school located in Mukuru slums, Nairobi. The school was started by Caroline in February 2013 with 5 children and because of the need from the community, it currently has a total of about 215 boys and girls with lots of energy ranging from 4 to 12 years old.

The school provides education to both the unfortunate and a bit fortunate children in the community. It comprises of 13 classrooms, starting from the pre - school level up to grade / year six. These classrooms are small and packed, however the ambiance is great and the children only desire to learn and have fun.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Eric Lugwiri
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Encounter Local has set-up and aim to run the organization in a way that gives both short-term and long-term benefit to people in the community. We achieve this through empowering local projects to arrive at sustainable solutions that are suitable to them, as well encouraging and supporting volunteers based on their skills and interests to with these projects in accomplishing their goals.

Encounter Local also offer volunteers an opportunity to take part in,
  • Building s strong education foundation of these children.
  • Improving both access and quality of education.
  • Supporting the teachers by giving one to one attention to children who need it, and in so doing advance their development.
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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