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Helping immigrants and its relatives to fit with the socio laboral expectations of a big international city as Barcelona.

In 2016, a group of Vilapicina residents identified a 1,000m2 industrial warehouse that had been abandoned for years. This is how the history of Enriquezarte begins, which was born as a private non-profit cultural association, which seeks to work with formality, commitment and responsibility.

Our goal is to enrich you with art. Within our organization, art has as its purpose the construction of community and solidarity. We combine social and labor accompaniment activities, cultural and artistic revitalization of the territory, personal development, volunteering and promotion of diversity. It promotes and works with the values ​​of equality, empathy and human permaculture, facilitating personal enrichment through human diversity. We are located in Barcelona and we are open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to share local or international projects with those who want to live in our city.

Our NGO is dedicated to community building, so we are looking for people who share the same values, who want to create solidarity networks of people and we want the participants to commit to carry out the program, who are interested in learning new tasks that in the future promote their social and labor insertion and/or or that of their peers. Proactivity and interest in the project is an extremely important characteristic to participate in the project. The beneficiaries must be responsible for the tasks they carry out and must comply with the times stipulated in the contract. There are different circles of interest in which Enriquezarte works: administration, marketing, human resources, maintenance, workshops, work with children, art and customer service, all of which are made up of volunteers. Participating in each of them allows volunteers to develop new competencies and acquire skills that prepare them to enter the labor field with a base of experience in each of the trainings related to their volunteering.

We wanna make it colored, fun and happy. We tend to make people happy by rising up their sense of belonging. Even if they are far from their country and relatives, if they feel accepted as they are and find the values they are deeply sharing with locals, they'll increase their self-esteem and give their best to empower the community.

Concretely our NGO is :
  • Leading a food bank for vulnerable people
  • Empowering professional skills through volunteering
  • Improve personal development through community life
  • Give a shelter to homeless migrants
  • Leading children activities
  • Leading an organic and vegan restaurant
  • Training jobless people to get a job (formal or informal)
  • Making popular barrios proud of their communitarian action
  • Offering about 30 workshops and events every week
  • Creating an artistic communitarian way of life !
... and many more !
The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Jean Ben Illouz
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Social Impact

Since 2017, we've
  • hosted 250 migrants (mostly from Latin America and Africa)
  • helped about 375 families to integrate themselves in the city
  • cared 287 kids through the extracurricular childcare activities
  • served more than 1784 meals to people in a vulnerable situation
  • trained more than 856 persons to improve their laboral situation
  • Hosted more than 475 international volunteers from more than 60 different countries
We are attending people without previous appointment 7/7 from 9am to 9pm.

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