Teach & Help people with disabilities Teach & Help people with disabilities Pattaya, Thailand Father Ray Foundation
The schedule varies daily with the volunteers working at all our projects; teaching English at various projects or arranging activities at one of our projects.
Day Care Assistant for disadvantaged children Pattaya, Thailand Father Ray Foundation
A Day Care Assistant supports Thai staff helping to care for and educate some of the poorest children from within Pattaya.

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The Father Ray Foundation takes care of 850 orphaned, abused and disadvantaged children and students with disabilities.

Named after its founder, the American Redemptorist priest Father Ray Brennan, The Father Ray Foundation is the umbrella organisation for several social projects mostly in Pattaya, on the east coast of Thailand. These projects include the:


  • Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind 
  • Father Ray Day Care Center 
  • Pattaya Redemptorist Technological College for People with Disabilities 
  • Father Ray Children’s Village
  • Father Ray Children’s Home
  • Father Ray School for Children with Special Needs 


For many of our children and young adults, they have come to us for various reasons, the one thing they have in common is that they need a home. Some children come from abusive families, some come because their families cannot provide them with food. Our priority is to make sure that they feel safe. The children immediately welcomed into the Father Ray family, joining the many other children at the Children's Village or Children's home. 

Across all our projects, we strive to provide an education to our children and students. Whether the students are at our School for Children with Special Needs, our College for People with Disabilities, our School for the Blind, or any other one of our projects, education is key for them bettering their chances in life.

The main focus of the project is on
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Social Impact

College for People with Disabilities

Since opening, more than 3000 young adults living with a disability have graduated from our School for People with Disabilities. In 2018 the Royal Thai Ministry of Education granted permission for the Vocational School to be upgraded to college status.

Students arrive from across the country, and they will all study the same compulsory subjects, but they will have the option to major in a subject. There is also an Elementary Education course for those who have had little or no formal education. Each course last three years and the school provides education, accommodations, meals and health care free of charge.

 School for the Blind

Since the School for the Blind first opened, it has provided visually impaired children with an education that will give them the opportunity to become independent members of society.

The school educates the students following the national curriculum, set by the Ministry of Education, but it must also teach the skills that a blind student must learn, such as learning the read and write using the Braille language system and they also learn to use a white cane so that they can become more independent.

Children's Home & Children's Village

For over a quarter of a century more than 600 youngsters, school age children and teenagers who have run away from a life of poverty, abuse and neglect have arrived seeking help. They have run away from home, from poverty, abuse and neglect and they have found a place where they are safe, free from the risk of harm.

We encourage them to go to school, learn new skills and gain knowledge and many have gone on the study at vocational schools and universities campuses around the country.

In 2008 we opened the Children’s Village. Our village gives orphaned, abandoned & neglected, homeless and abused children a home: a home where they will live with ‘brothers and sisters’ under the watchful eye of a caring ‘mother’. The Father Ray Children’s Village offers a home where children will be safe, where they will feel loved and one where they will feel not just part of a family, but also part of a community. Living as part of a family will give each child the individual care that all children need. They will receive the love and attention that all children require, and they will have a sense of belonging; they will belong to a family.

School for Children with Special Needs

In 2007 a young mother came to us for help. In her arms she carried her young son, she did not know what condition her son had, all she knew was that he was different from other children. Prior to the opening of the Father Ray School for Children with Special Needs, for many children living with autism, Downs syndrome, cerebral palsy or an intellectual disability in the Pattaya area there was no support.

There was no facility where they could receive the therapy they needed to improve their lives. There was no school they could attend where they could be educated, where they could gain knowledge and learn new skills according to their age and ability. There was no one who could give advice to the family, or provide them with the support they need.

Today our School for Children with Special Needs offers physiotherapy, occupational therapy, age and ability appropriate education, sports and art therapy, vocational training and family support.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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