Natural Resource Conservation and Management Natural Resource Conservation and Management Arusha, Tanzania FEid - Tanzania
Working along side FEid staff to create tree nurseries, constructing rain water tanks using waste plastic bottles. and deliver the conservation education.
Conserve the Environment & Educate the Community Arusha, Tanzania FEid - Tanzania
Engage with different communities to manage natural resources, conserve environment, improve health status of people and raise literacy rate towards poverty alleviation.
Teach English and Learn the Local Culture Arusha, Tanzania FEid - Tanzania
Teach English in primary schools and help poor children to develop their ability to speak English while learning Swahili culture.
Community outreach and Environment Sustainability Arusha, Tanzania FEid - Tanzania
Uplift and inspire the people in Arusha by beautifying the township with art, organize workshops and teach locals about the environment and sustainability.
Heal Me Arusha, Tanzania FEid - Tanzania
Heal me is a project which aims to bring good health and well-being in Tanzania by supporting hospital and communities to deliver and ensure healthy living is improved.
Embrace culture while positively impacting lives Arusha, Tanzania FEid - Tanzania
Embrace the culture of Tanzania while positively impacting local lives in three projects, environment conservation, hygiene and education

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Project Details

Engage with different communities in Tanzania to conserve environment and raise awareness about health and raise literacy rate towards poverty alleviation.

Who we are?

Fertile environment for imperishable development Abbreviated as (FEid) is a Non-Profit Organization with registration number ooNGO/00009959 registered in Tanzania with Headquarters in Arusha Region.

What we do?

We are dealing with Environment conservation, Health and food security. We strives to stop environmental destruction, raise health status of people, conservation awareness and stop food waste in Tanzania society.

Where we work?

Our HQ is in Arusha region, the home of Tallest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro and the world largest natural national park Serengeti in northern Tanzania. we are working in Tanzania mainland where currently we have projects in other regions like Mwanza, Tabora and Shinyanga.

Tanzania is first  peacefully country in Africa, where volunteers and other international projects are running smoothly without any problem that is the reason why many volunteers like to do projects in our county.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, the following vaccinations are (also) recommended for Tanzania:
  • hepatitis A.
  • Yellow fever
  • hepatitis B.
  • rabies.
  • typhoid.
  • boosters for tetanus, diphtheria and measles.
Our mission/vision

To be a prominent Organization that promotes the conservation of the environment and community services for sustainable development.

Our goals

School, Water and sanitation

Every year two million people die because of unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene. Children and young people living in rural communities are particularly affected. in Tanzania: Less than half the population have access to safe drinking water and as little as 16% have access to adequate sanitation facilities. Awareness of the importance of even simple hygiene practices is limited. School children are particularly exposed to the effects of unsafe water, hygiene and sanitation, with 84% of schools lacking functional hand washing facilities and only 1% providing their pupils with soap. FEid Tanzania focuses on working in rural, harder to reach communities where the level of need is more pronounced. Our programmes reflect the fact that women, girls and young people are dis proportionally affected, as they carry out most of the unpaid labour associated with WASH in households and communities. This has a huge impact on their health, education and ability to earn money. A key focus of our work will be with schools and their communities.

Natural Resource Management.

in Tanzania: More than three quarters of Tanzania’s population rely on crop growth and seasonal rainfall to survive. Agriculture accounts for a quarter of the Tanzanian economy, and it is these farmer who suffer the real, dangerous consequences of environmental degradation. Adverse impacts of climate change are already affecting livelihoods and the economy. Recent severe droughts dramatically highlighted the food insecurity, water scarcity and power supply issues that the country faces. FEid Tanzania focus on raising awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, working with communities to find ways to develop in a sustainable way.

Who are we looking for?

We depend on the support of young people willing to give their time, skills, energy and ideas We depend on the support and actions of our alumni to support us and drive change globally.
We depend on partnerships with other non-governmental organizations, corporate and donors Work with us to deliver this ambitious, positive strategy to create lasting change through youth.

Why choose us?

All our work is aligned with and contributes to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, known as the Global Goals. We are part of a worldwide movement to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure everyone has peace and prosperity by 2030. The responsibility for making these clear, ambitious and challenging goals a reality lies not just with governments, but with all of us.

The United Nations shares our belief that young people as volunteers are essential to achieving the Global Goals. Specifically, FEid's programmes contribute to Global Goals: 1 – No poverty, 2. Zero hunger  4 – Quality education, 6 – Clean water and sanitation, 8 – Decent work and economic growth, 12 – Responsible consumption and production, 13 – climate action, 16 – Peace and justice, strong institutions and 17 – Partnerships for the Goals.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
James Thobias
James Thobias
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

FEid Tanzania work to create an environment through our well established projects which values and supports youth participation regardless of background or gender: where poverty and education levels won’t hold young people back; where culture and traditions are celebrated but not limiting. As Non-government organization we work to facilitate these goals be attained through the power of volunteerism. Young people in Tanzania want their voices to be heard. They aspire to be involved in decision making processes and to contribute to the socioeconomic development of their country. They have the commitment, creativity, and passion to make real change. But they often lack the skills, knowledge and opportunities this requires. These issues are particularly difficult for young women and rural youth to overcome.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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