Allround Caretaker Allround Caretaker Agaliani, Greece FutureLink Earth
I am looking for caretakers, interested in the beauty of simple greek lifestyle who would like to make this healing place a more beautiful and functional one.
Gardening Assistant Agaliani, Greece FutureLink Earth
I am looking for a handy gardening person, interested in the beauty of simple greek lifestyle who would like to make this healing place a more beautiful & functional one.

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FutureLink Earth is a charity Organisation founded in 2020. Human & animal welfare, sustainable living and sharing health knowledge are the main operation fields.

My name is Marie-Anne. I am a retired Vet - animal doctor and animal whisperer. In the beginning of 2020 - due to all the changes COVID induced for our social life - I founded FutureLink Earth, an organisation that was meant give a link to a future world worth living. While the rest of the world focused on a virus and methods to kill it, I focused on the message and impact on conscious living that mankind was given that time. I had shifting helpers in all the fields FutureLink Earth touched and brought into awareness.  Main credits go to Sandra and Eike Stehr, Neil Dougan, Sophie Mayrhofer and Daniel Glück, Dr Priya Subramanian, Zachuas Ogoni, Patricia Hatherly, Nasrin Sharifpour and Immo Heinrich. 

FutureLink Earth works in human welfare, animal welfare, health education and intercultural understanding. Since 2020 we did 3 online summits - cat online summit & homeopathy online summit & 2020 online summit - and created a Youtube channel with more than 400 Videos and 80 Live streams on topics of animal health, human health and immunstimulation, permaculture, sustainable living and related topics. We founded the FutureLink Academy for Consciouness Training with 4 courses and created the "Living like Dr Dolittle" animal welfare project. 2022 we published our FutureLink WebApp that contains free and non free material - ranging from a free "Kiswahili" basic language training to a very complex self study program on how to regain "Trust in Life" for traumatized people. 

FutureLink Earth is situated in the greek mountains on the Peloponnese Island in Greece. From my office I have a marvelous view over the Ionian Sea while staying alone on the top of the hill enjoying greek olive grooves and the sounds of the cicada inmidst wild and lonely nature. This place here is apt for people who want to learn about very simple and natural greek life style and want a stay in pure nature. We have poisonous animals here such as vipers, centripeds, black widow spiders and scorpios, that help us to keep up our instincts and awareness in nature. We are 2,5 km from the sea and its natural sandy beach and 300 m up the mountain far away from any town or village.

The vision we have is to be part in the creation of a future world that it worth living and provides good living for all inhabitants on earth. Nonviolent communication and life style, conscious living and awareness, consciousness training, permaculture, health care for humans and animals (especially traumatized ones) are essentiell to us. We seek to enhance human and animal welfare by providing & sharing knowledge (health knowledge), connecting cultures and promoting peace & understanding in any way open or possible at the moment.

"Be the change you are looking for" is a motto I always followed and now is a motto I teach in many ways. The FutureLink Earth goal is to take action and be part of a world worth living, a world with social connection, peaceful action, mutual understanding and unconditional caretaking for each other. 

I am looking for different kinds of volunteers who share one thing: Heart connection. Who want one thing: Heart wisdom. Who see the world by the eyes of their hearts. I do not mean pink glasses or romantic :-) - I adress people who place mind over matter and heart over brain, who are coherent, able to share, communicate, cowork and cooperate. Honesty, truthfulness and reliability are the basics needed from any volunteer who wants to visit. 

If you want to enhance your heart field, heart wisdom, intuition, emotional and social intelligence, if you want to regain trust in life and living beings again, if you want to heal inner brokenness, if you want to share your special gifts and knowlegde, if you want to express your creativity and talents, you are welcome.

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Social Impact

You can find FutureLink Earth on Youtube - since 2020 we have our own channel with more than 1100 subscribers, 400+ videos on various topics and 80+ Life Talks with colleagues and groups of colleagues world wide. Every second Sunday we do a Live Stream or a Live Interview to enhance intercultural knowledge and understanding which we believe is the way to create peace. 

You can find Futurelink Akademie in the web. Each year we provide four weekly online classes from October to June in 1) nonviolent living 2) finding life purpose 3) awareness and consciousness 4) how to trust in life. The purpose of the academy is to train and enhance emotional and social intelligence. 

"Living like Dr Dolittle" is the FutureLink animal welfare project. It is a master model of new animal protection founded on the idea that not used ressources can be joined to create the Better and Good - such as old, uninhabited olive groove houses, stray animals and lost or burned out humans. Permaculture pure.

"Africa my Love" is an intercultural FutureLink project beginning 2022 that emphases on a language program in Kiswahili for non Africans and German for Africans. We are just in the process or creating an App and the content of A1, A2, B1 and B2 in both languages. The impact of that program is intercultural understanding of two very different continents and ways of living by learning the language of the other and diving into a different culture and life style. 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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