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GLIFOS is a social/educational project which brings hope to local kids, by helping them go far beyond their basic public-school curriculum

GLIFOS awards scholarships to island students that meet basic criteria. These scholarships are the basis for enrollment and where the donors’ generosity in the development and improvement of impoverished island children’s lives make all the difference.

Students are selected both on merit and level of interest exhibited by potential students in the program. The school does not exclude any students interested in learning, even if they are not stellar students in their traditional public-school education.

Our program aims to unlock potential in many students have been uninspired or left behind in the public-school system, but good performance also must be rewarded, so both criteria are considered when awarding scholarships.

Course work is non-graded, inspirational learning, with culture rescue and immersion mixed with modern and classical arts forms.

All classes feature frequent field trips and varied activities to both challenge and inspire the children while highlighting the beauty of their own island and its global importance as a United National World Biosphere Reserve.

GLIFOS is financed by the generous donations and those of visitors to our lake front ecolodge San Juan de la Isla.  Our lodge visitors have the unique opportunity to see the school in action and up close. Our school does not benefit from government funding, this is a non-profit, private project designed implemented by Nicaraguan artists and educators.

Education and empowerment will help the children of Ometepe find meaningful work with decent wages. To participate in the growing eco-tourism and cultural tourism on the island as adults, Ometepe’s children urgently need to obtain english skills and to withstand the cultural pressures of international tourism, the island children must see the value of their native culture and art, while expanding their future horizons.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Ana Saravia
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Social Impact

In a region where 20% of the public-school students do not continue education beyond the age of 10, it is critical that learning be stimulating and engaging and that has been the root of the success of GLIFOS,  Our school helps good students be better, but also uncovers many hidden gems. With our proactive methods and dynamic approach many children who may have dropped out and good students have a chance to make the most of their formative years. 

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