Ugandan Wildlife & Gorilla Conservation EduTour Ugandan Wildlife & Gorilla Conservation EduTour Uganda, Uganda Global EduTours
Experience the Pearl of Africa and discover the conservation efforts protecting the rich diversity of its iconic wildlife!
Spanish Immersion & Machu Picchu by Train EduTour Cusco, Peru Global EduTours
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the magical Machu Picchu while expanding your Spanish Language skills!
South African Surfing EduTour Cape Town, South Africa Global EduTours
Join us on this truly once-in-a-lifetime adventure as we tour the best breaks South Africa has to offer – including a chance to surf J-Bay!
South African Explorer History EduTour cape town, South Africa Global EduTours
Journey through time and witness first hand the remnants of events that helped shaped modern South Africa!
Shark & Marine Conservation EduTour Cape Town, South Africa Global EduTours
Join us on the adventure of a lifetime and study the legendary Great White Shark! (from the safety of a cage). Daa-dum, daa-dum..
South African Wildlife Rangers Course Port Elizabeth, South Africa Global EduTours
Become a fully accredited South African Game Reserve Ranger while working alongside some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife!
Costa Rican Culture EduTour San José, Costa Rica Global EduTours
Visit the land of awe-inspiring scenery, exotic animals and friendly faces on this magical mini-tour of beautiful Costa Rica.. PURA VIDA!
Brisbane Conservation Study EduTour Brisbane Airport, Australia Global EduTours
Contribute to protecting this critically endangered bioregion through conservation & research on our amazing 13 Day Brisbane Conservation Study EduTour!

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Global EduTours is the world's #1 provider of meaningful education-focused travel experiences. Travel and learn with one of our unique small-group tours today!

Global EduTours was founded by intrepid Kiwi travelers and entrepreneurs Kelly Phillips and Mike Brackenridge. Having spent more than a decade successfully establishing and growing one of the world’s leading international volunteer organizations, and spurred on by the increasing desire of the modern traveler to utilize travel abroad as an opportunity for personal growth, the pair decided it was time to focus instead on travel that was primarily education-focused.

With their enduring desire to provide meaningful, affordable and adventurous travel experiences to fellow travelers, the pair began to channel their knowledge and passion for travel into creating unique tours and trips with a focus on experiential learning across a range of interesting subjects. Following more than a year of meticulous planning, designing, brainstorming and networking, Global EduTours was finally brought to life.

With an ever-increasing range of experiential learning-based tours and the number of happy participants steadily growing, Global EduTours is well on its way to becoming a leader in the field of short-term learning-based travel.

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Looking to make the most of your upcoming travels, but want to be more than just another tourist?  Do you want to travel with purpose but not sure if ‘volunteering’ is quite right for you?  Are you interested in the discovery of self, in gaining hands-on education, or in personal growth?  Well, EduTours are for you..!

“An educational tour is a trip to gain knowledge while traveling.  It creates an opportunity for you to think outside of the box, while seeing new places.”

EduTours provide you with the opportunity to combine learning with the adventure of travel. They allow you to experience new cultures and learn new skills that better your life and change your perspective. From learning to cook, mastering a new language, delving into ancient history or even learning how to be a master winemaker, EduTours are the perfect opportunity to combine the love for adventure and an eagerness to learn.

If you want to have an amazing learning experience while expanding your global perspective, then an EduTour is just for you. Travel is one of the most meaningful things you can spend your money on, and since you’ll only gain from your experience, it will be priceless. Global EduTours offers the perfect opportunity for personal growth and to see the world around you. Sign up now and experience a better way to travel!

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