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Take part in this exciting new program where you can assist in different education entities in Kazakhstan.

Project Details

The JSC “Center for International Programs” implements a new program of attracting international teachers and volunteers to the education entities of Kazakhstan.

 Our mission/vission

Our center has long been associated with the international scholarship program called Bolashaq. This program is fully funded by the government of Kazakhstan, and gives our citizens an opportunity to get the highest quality education abroad. We invest into human capital and competence building by sending the brightest of our people/minds to the best universities across the globe to do bachelor, master degrees, PhD as well as internships, and we make sure that our scholars come back, get employed and can contribute to the social and economic development of our country and drive a new wave of innovation. We hope that our results will be fruitful for generations to come. Center is first and foremost the administrator of the Bolashaq scholarship, this year we have celebrated 25th anniversary of the program, but we also have a range of other activities: we implement intergovernmental agreements in the field of education and science, annually we hold international education fairs to promote international education and inform our citizen of what opportunities there are in the world to receive high quality education. We also serve as a bridge between local universities and foreign partners to foster internationalization of our education system by attracting foreign students, volunteers, academia and top managers into our universities.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan is updating content of education in the framework of the trilingual education. This is the reason why phased transition into using English as a language of study is carried out at high schools and higher education institutions.

Moreover, a step-by-step transition will be carried out from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet. There are specialized schools with English language are functioning in our country. In some leading universities, like Nazarbayev University, KIMEP University, Kazakh-British Technical University students get education only in English. Thus, we pay serious attention to language training. In order to contribute and develop this new direction the Center for International Programs launched “Go Nomads” Bolashaq Teaching program” for volunteers willing to assist teachers in Kazakhstan.

Our goals                           

The idea of “Go Nomads” Bolashaq Teaching program” is to attract volunteers from different countries to Kazakhstan. Main goal is to find people who are fluent in foreign languages, mainly English for now and other particular subjects, so they can assist Kazakhstani teachers in delivering their course. This program serves as a one of mechanisms in transferring our education to trilingual education system.

Who are we looking for?

Volunteers need only to bring a positive attitude and willingness to experience the true Kazakh culture.  Interesting in a teaching subject is crucial. 

Why choose us?

JSC "Center for International Programs"  is a governmental organization and the main provider of international projects through the Republic of Kazakhstan. As our organization is established under The Ministry of Education and science of Republic of Kazakhstan, we have a close relations with all high schools and universities all over the country. As a result of a stable and purposeful policy of Program’s implementation process improvement, at the VIII International Going Global Conference in Miami in 2014, Bolashak Scholarship has been named the best one among 11 academic mobility programs.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Zhibek Tazhgulova
Zhibek Tazhgulova
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Social Impact

Throughout the whole period of its realization Bolashak Scholarship has been granted to more than 10 000 Kazakhstan citizens for study in 200 best universities of 33 countries. One of the trends of Kazakhstan’s education is expanding transnational cooperation to increase the mobility of students, staff and growth of joint educational programsWe're looking for people who are interested in education and want to make a difference to a young person's future prospects

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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