Greenkarst English Club

Project Details

This club aims to help people in Dong Van to improve English, and also hopes to create new opportunities for the communities in villages around Dong Van.

Who we are

My name is Tan and me and my wife run the Green Karst Restaurant and Bar in Dong Van, Vietnam. We have only recently opened but already have big plans to try to expand our restaurant into a social enterprise which can help both the local people from the Dong Van area as well as tourists and visitors who come here. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide English lessons and tourism training to the people of Dong Van, as well as to people living in villages in the Dong Van area which we hope will give these communities a wider range of life opportunities. Our first project is the Greenkarst English Club which we have just started to set up. 

What we do

Greenkarst English Club provides English lessons for the people of Dong Van, and meets several evenings a week for lessons in our restaurant. Anyone is welcome to drop in to these lessons, where we provide games and activities to help people of all different abilities to improve their English. As our pupils improve their English, we hope to move on to phrases and situations relating to tourism as this is something which many people here are involved in or hope to become more involved in. 

We also hope to teach pupils - especially younger ones - English skills relating to other professions, which will improve their opportunities in larger Vietnamese cities and abroad.

In addition to this, we hope to develop this project even further by visiting nearby villages around Dong Van and providing English lessons for the communities in these areas, who may not have access to English lessons otherwise. We aim to help the people in these communities to learn enough English that they are able to confidently have basic conversations with visitors. Some people in these areas may also be interested in setting up homestays, and having English speaking skills will be a valuable skill in helping to communicate with guests.

Finally, we aim to create a tourist information centre and travel agency in Dong Van, which we will use to help visitors to Dong Van to access these smaller communities, which will help to ensure that the people in these villages and the homestays they hope to build can be successful. We also hope that this will lead to an increased awareness of their way of life, and will help the people in these villages to improve their communication skills and to meet new people.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for English-speaking volunteers who are able to join in with activities and help plan lessons with us. Anyone who has experience with website design or in organising events and lessons would be very welcome, but this is not a must. The most important thing is to be enthusiastic and willing to help! 

What volunteers can expect from us

We think we would make a great organisation for you to volunteer for because this is a project which is very simple and easy to get involved with, but which could have real long-term benefits for a wide number of people. We are very easygoing and relaxed hosts, and will make you feel at home and like part of the community here. Dong Van is a small, close-knit town, and you will feel very safe here. It is situated in a beautiful area and there are many hikes and motorbike journeys which you can take to view the hills and mountains, as well as a wonderful market every Sunday!

The main focus of the project is on
Contact Person
Tan Phan
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Our project is very new, but we have already helped adults ajnd children build a strong foundation in their English speaking skills, and becoming more comfortable with understanding basic words and phrases. Many people also use the lessons as a meeting place and somewhere they can confidently practice their speaking skills. 

We also have built strong links with some of the villages around Dong Van, and have several employees in our restaurant from these communities. This will help make it easier to set up our English classes in these areas, which is something we hope to do in the very near future.

We hope that the social impact of this project will be that the people of Dong Van who attend our English classes will gain more confidence in their language ability, and can use these new skills more and more as tourism grows in the Dong Van area. People who come to Greenkarst English Club may also improve their employment prospects English is a useful skill for many jobs, particularly in the leisure and tourism industries.

We hope that our involvement in village communities around Dong Van will also have a positive social impact, as improved English will also allow people in these areas will help them to communicate with tourists in Dong Van, as well as visitors to their villages. We also want to help people in these villages to set up homestays. This would provide people in these areas with an extra income, while allowing the villages to continue to work as usual, without daily life being interrupted too much.

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