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Volunteers needed from around the world for hands-on projects in our community public health center. It is not only for health careers. You can share your time & talents

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We built a public health center that focuses on prevention, promotion & education of health.

    Hands on Peru is a nonprofit organization 501(c) 3 ; headquartered in Peru and US and co-founded by two global health advocates in 2013, as a response to the deep inequities in access to medical care and by the gaps caused by a weak state health system in the country.

    CESAPU (Centro de Salud Pública, or Center for Public Health) is the main project of HOP Hands on Peru and it is located in the district of Huanchaco, Province of Trujillo, Department of La Libertad. It is located between Trujillo City and Huanchaco Beach and easily accessible via public transportation. 90% of its inhabitants live in poverty, with no access to sewage & clean water, in what can be called a modern urban slum dwelling. It is located right next to Chan Chan, ancient Chimu ruins, and experiences beautiful sunsets every night at 6 pm. It is surrounded by humble and friendly neighbors and many loveable children! 

    HOP works to increase access to healthcare and essential health services for low-income communities. CESAPU primary care services like: medical consults, dental, ultrasound, nutrition, & physical therapy in the mornings.

    At CESAPU, we firmly believe that we can improve the health of the people of Huanchaco by implementing interactive programs that generate healthy attitudes and behaviors in order to improve social determinants of health and reduce risk factors for disease. Our afternoons include participatory programs in the afternoon like cooking class, knitting class, zumba class, tutoring, and surf class, so that individuals feel more engaged & empowered in their health. One of our most successful programs has been CHIMUK, #knittingabetterfuture, a brand of handknit alpaca products that employs over 20 women in a dignified & fulfilling way.

    Hands on Peru also works to train the next generation of healthcare professionals. Our international volunteer program allows the volunteer an opportunity to serve a needy community, and it also provides the volunteer with an incredibly culturally rich experience, one that can enhance their world view, teach them about the importance of public health and prevention.

    Health, well-being, and happiness is our primary focus. 

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Welcome to the First Public Health Center of Perú, CESAPU (Centro de Salud Pública).

CESAPU is a pioneer center in the practice of public health that develops programs to promote physical, mental, and communal health in the village of Villa Los Angeles, Huanchaquito Peru. 

Hands on Peru, a nonprofit that has been working in Trujillo and Huanchaco, Peru, since 2013, has noted such devastating weaknesses in the Peruvian health system. Together with a team of international donors and local professionals, we built CESAPU - Centro de Salud Pública - as a solution to prevent even more of Peru’s poor to bear the physical, financial, and emotional burdens of preventable disease.

HOP has hosted over 250 international volunteers which has allowed us to impact thousands of people, in health campaigns, disease screenings, educational initiatives, water and sanitation projects, houses improvement, nutrition, programs for children and youth, economic opportunities among other interventions.

At CESAPU, we firmly believe that we can improve the health of the people by implementing interactive programs that generate healthy attitudes and behaviors in order to improve social determinants of health and reduce risk factors for disease. Also we promote early detection of disease by our multiple screenings campaigns during the year.

From 2016-2022, we have taken the following public health measures:

  • Distributed Sawyer water filters to our whole community
  • Built 6 new bathrooms to improve sanitation for 52 people.
  • Consistent Liquid hand soap distribution to over 100 families (pictured above)
  • Corona virus education and distribution of educational materials
  • Preventive health campaigns for over 10,000 people (including health services like dental, PT, etc.)
  • Consistently provide steady, dignified income for 20 artisans through CHIMUK
  • Improve maternal & child health through interactive nutrition cooking classes
  • Continually host & train volunteers & future healthcare leaders
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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