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Our Organization run volunteer programs to help the marginalized sections of the local communities in the Himalayas. We focus on children education and youth development.

Himalayan volunteering opportunities is a flagship program of our NGO, APOV Foundation, registered under 1860 societies registration act, Indian government. The need of the program churned from the fact that education can't be simply textual or bookish. Education is all comprehensive which includes the growth of ones mental, physical, emotional and spiritual faculties. Our vision is to provide quality educational opportunities to the much needier children of the Himalayas. Through our programs we aim to have a wider outreach in the remotest corners in the Himalayas. We foresee a great future for these children as given them the right environment and opportunities they can be integrated into the main society.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Naveen Godiyal
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Social Impact

Our NGO aims to have a sustainable and positive social impact on the under resourced and under developed communities.We aim to provide quality education, new teaching methods, supplying learning materials to our school children. Also we create local employment opportunities by employing local people as our volunteers stay in local home stays. This creates a new source of money for these local community members.

Our achievement: We have achieved the trust and confidence of the local communities i.e. children, youth and elders that there is an organization which aims to address the stumbling blocks of the progress such as educational quality, employment and others in the far reaches of the Himalayas. Also lots of our previous volunteers had appreciated our work and objective towards a progressing society.

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