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Learn Holistic Care, Natural Horsemanship, Liberty training and Yoga with Horses to create a true connection and deeper bond of trust, respect and love.

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Where Kindred Spirits come together to create a safe space of learning through, living with, and caring for, horses - and each other.

I created Kindred Spirits out of an unshakable love for horses and a passion for learning and sharing knowledge with all the souls that cross my path. Kindred Spirits itself isn’t so much a place, as it is a collection of moments and ideas shared with all the wonderful people that find their way to us and our horses. 
Through our natural training methods of liberty work, meditation, breath awareness and yoga we help horses and humans alike to heal and to connect with each other. This brings a deeper awareness and social consciousness to our planet and its protection. Showing and teaching people how all is connected and to live in harmony and balance with themselves, with others and with nature.
As a Yoga teacher, horse trainer, riding instructor, life coach and Energy healer I help people to rediscover their True Authentic Selves, enabling them to find their path in life and the ways they can help and contribute to our planet Earth.
Our methods of Natural Horsemanship training and being with horses at liberty, help people to see animals as sentient beings with emotions and feelings. This brings awareness to all aspects of nature and life.
Working with people from all around the world, since 2013 we have helped create projects such as the "Cahuita Turtle Rescue Association" for the protection of the giant Leatherback turtles that come to nest on our shores, "Mothers of the Earth" to help local Indigenous women and children in the struggles and a new program to help the local community of horses whose owners have very little income to support their families through the free administration of worm paste, to help the horses in their state of malnutrition. 


Horses have a longstanding reputation as valuable assistants in many types of therapy. From addicts, to children with disabilities and adults with mental struggles such as depression, horses have been known to provide great guidance towards improved quality of life.



As herd and prey animals horses are keenly aware of their companions and environment, and react quickly to any changes. In this way they act as a mirror to what you’re bringing with you. If you’re trying to bottle up and hide unresolved anger, the horse will feel it and react in anger himself.



Yoga is a practice that goes further than a simple exercise routine.

Hatha yoga's postures improve mood by moving energy through places in the body where feelings of grief or anger are stored. paying attention to the way their emotions are expressed in their bodies, people to observe their experience without judgment, an important first step in stepping out of depression or a feeling of having lost yourself.

Yoga helps you develop inner peace and it is in that active stillness that you can truly listen to your horse.

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Terry Newton
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Our mission is two fold. First, we want everyone to have access to learnings that will help them lead a better, healthier life full of light. To this end we give the most affordable Teacher Trainings in Costa Rica, ensuring that we do everything we can to run a low-cost jungle farm. We depend on every Program getting booked and interns coming, to keep everything afloat.

Secondly, we want horses around the world to see a rise in their quality of life because their humans learned better ways to communicate with them. Awareness for the healing bond that can be had between horses and humans is important, and awareness for the simple fact that horses have individuality and individual needs, and are not riding toys that work with the push of a button.

Horses are not thought of often by your average person, some people even believe that horses have no individual personalities and are generally obsolete.  We want to change that. We want a world where when you hear the word horses your next thought isn't "horseback riding" but rather "horse healing".

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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