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Indra Foundation is a community based social development oriented charitable organization (NGO) working in Nepal for the betterment of Children, Women and Community.

Are you in search of life changing volunteering programs to make real difference in life and do something meaningful while travelling in Nepal? If yes, then join with meaningful volunteering programs of Indra Foundation and make an impact for rural communities in Nepal!

Who we are

Indra Foundation is a community based NGO which supports children, women and the community through various programs to improve their livelihoods and day to day lifestyle. Indra Foundation believes in practical action; we always work on the principle of sustainable development approach focusing on rural communities in Nepal. Indra Foundation aims to take the initiative of helping communities to transform their society ensuring their own direct involvement and participations in our programs.

Indra Foundation Focus Group

Children - Indra Foundation gives top priority for helping Children, ensuring their Education development and Health care.

Women - Women are integral part of community development so, we focus on women empowerment and entrepreneurship Development.

Community - For caring community, Indra Foundation works on Emergency Relief Aid and Tourism Development..

Community Based Responsible Volunteer Organization in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal with community based responsible volunteer organization which offers various meaningful volunteer opportunities in Nepal. Nepal, being one of the most beautiful and adventurous country in the world each year many people visit Nepal to explore and experience its authentic cultures and Lifestyle! All our programs are dedicated for community development initiatives and community support programs.

Wonderful Cultural and Adventure Travel Experience!

Volunteering Nepal is your right decision, since Nepal is a perfect combination of Nature, Culture and Adventure; you will not have even a single minute that you feel wasted! Anyone who choose to volunteer in Nepal, they can work for meaningful programs as well as at a same time they can explore the natural beauty of Nepal, experience the exotic Himalayan adventures and enjoy a very warm a welcoming cultures of Nepal where you can meet wonderful people living with Nepali host family!

During your Nepal trip as a volunteer in Nepal, there are many adventure travel opportunities in your weekend or even take some time gap from your programs. In order to spend your weekend you can go visiting one of the Asia's Largest and most beautiful tea gardens in Ilam (Eastern Nepal) where you can see the majestic views of carpet like rolling hills covered with teas, or go wild in jungle safari or take a time gap for going to the lap of the Himalayas for Trekking adventures!

So, we welcome and invite everyone from different corners of the world to join Indra Foundation and gain wonderful Volunteering & Travel experiences; enjoying the very safe, reliable and memorable trips of Nepal. Looking forward to see you and welcome you in Nepal very soon!

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Milan Khatri
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Social Impact

Indra Foundation runs various programs mainly focusing on three target groups i.e. Children, Women and Community.

Our programs are designed to meet the actual needs of our target groups, where we expect to see the visible progress of implemented programs which can be evaluated and monitored by different governing bodies of Nepal government.

Another important factor to measure our success is through the effectiveness of our programs on grassroots level and transparency .

Indra Foundation is a  responsible volunteer travel organization which offers various meaningful volunteering opportunities in Nepal. All our programs support community development initiatives: your volunteers help with their work Orphanages, Schools, Monasteries and support many more issues.

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