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Connects people from around the world with positive influence, energy and impact to make a difference for a better world.

A big THANKS to the previous participants and volunteers, more than 300 people participated in a various volunteer projects or cultural tours or holiday programs we organise including Projects for Animal and Environmental Conservation, Special Need Education, Teaching in rural areas and cultural holiday tours since 2016. They are the most beautiful people we have ever met, from different countries around the world helping in the projects/programs. Due to the influence and positive energy brought by the participants/volunteers, we are highly committed to extend our help to more meaningful projects now and in the future.

Basic Principle of INVOLVE: International Volunteer’s Venture Travel emphasizes on engaging local communities in organizing much more meaningful volunteering projects or cultural programs or holiday tours in Asia. The founding principle of INVOLVE is to be aware at all times that we are engaged in an operation where the responsibility of peoples’ safety and livelihood is in our hands. We are committed to the responsibility through the safety and quality of our operations. We operate with the highest level of integrity, striving to exceed the your expectations in a proactive manner while doing so with respect to others and the environment.

Our Vision is to extend our help to the people, environmental and wildlife conservation projects in need of volunteers / travellers effort contributing to their wellbeing enhancement and poverty alleviation in the countries you travel in. All projects or programs are selected carefully so your effort will be put to good use in order to achieve the most desirable possible results.

Our Mission, to work closely with local communities, government agencies or NGOs as we strive to be the best platform to work with whereby all partners and participants or volunteers are treated as part of a big family; Create a globally recognized brand; To attain the lowest cost so that reduces the burden of volunteers or travellers while benefiting the local; and Maintain the highest quality product, embracing technology to reduce cost and enhance service levels

Our Values, 5C

1. Customer Service, promises delivery and living up to your expectations

2. Culture, a unique cultural and traditional customs experience

3. Caring for local community and focusing on community involvement and their wellbeing improvement

4. Conservation on environment, wildlife & ecosystem and responsible travel

5. Contribution in improving local tourism and community benefits of the country you travel to or volunteer in

The main focus of the project is on
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Social Impact

INVOLVE focuses on meaningful need base projects either community or animal conservation.

Volunteers who come for community projects contribute to either Teach English for the underprivileged Kids and Refugee Children, Special Needs Education or Restoration & Renovation where the urgency for doing so.

Volunteers who come for projects in orangutans, elephants and sea turtle conservation work with NGOs or government agencies. These sanctuaries are shelters for the animals which are either rescued from snare trap, illegal trade, poaching, unwanted by owners or mistreatment from certain establishments as their welfare being neglected. Rehabilitation programs are implemented in the hope to release all of them to the wild one day. 

Over the last two and half years since inception in 2016, we are proud to have achieved the following result:

  1. Hundreds of kids in the get to learn English taught by international volunteers 
  2. Restored and renovated 10 community centres and schools in the villages
  3. About 1,000 baby turtles released to the seas from turtle conservation
  4. A baby elephant rescued from snare trap in a jungle from East Coast
  5. Release of two orangutans who deemed fit to the wild

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