Volunteer Co-ordinator Volunteer Co-ordinator Murcia, Spain Jacobs Ridge Animal Sanctuary
By coordinating our volunteers, you will play a vital role in the everyday running of the sanctuary and be a crucial part in its ongoing development.
General Sanctuary Assistant Murcia, Spain Jacobs Ridge Animal Sanctuary
The General Sanctuary Assistant will help with all and any aspects of the daily running of the sanctuary, including its "Volunteering Holiday Programme".

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Project Details

A beautiful animal sanctuary offering home to over 140 animals including horses, donkeys, goats, pigs, cats and dogs.

Founded in late 2011, the sanctuary was initially set up as a private, safe haven for animals. The day to day running costs started to balloon as more and more animals began to make the place their home.  It became clear that private funding just wouldn’t be enough to keep all the animals in a responsible way.  With a growing weekly feed cost, vet bills, fencing and unplanned expenses, it became vital to its survival that a robust plan was put into action.

Over the past seven and a half years Jacobs Ridge has blossomed into a fully functioning and respected animal sanctuary. Working with specialist vets (HVT Equine Veternarios, Amelia Mendez Veterinarios, Dado Veterinarios,  University Hospital Murcia, Ricardo Matinez, Argos Veternarios) , animal behaviorists (Caroline Griffith), trainers (Caroline Collinson-Jones) and activists (Cruelty Watch, RSPCA, Cat Protection League), the sanctuary is fully committed to provide a safe haven, responsibly managed, for mistreated and unwanted animals, that will grow with planned development over the coming years.

Our Mission
We believe that every being has a right to live and to live life without fear. Thus, it is our mission to create a safe environment to last as a forever home to animals who need it, one where they don’t have to work or provide for us. One where they can just be what they are and do as they please. It is important to us that Jacobs Ridge is not just a sanctuary for animals, but for humans also. In connecting with the animals, nature and at the same time following a vegan lifestyle, we aim to create a space where people can find inner harmony and reconnect with themselves. We wish to further improve the lives of our rescue animals and offer a permanent home to more in need by securing and expanding the site of Jacobs Ridge. At the same time, we will educate those who need it on the exploitation of animals so that more animals can live life without fear.
The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Julian Nicholson
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Social Impact

The sanctuary offers a much needed rescue centre for animals in trouble. We provide education and support to the local community by way of advice, physical manpower and financial assistance (where needed) in the treatment of animals.

Through our weekly volunteer program we provide limited places to people that either need to find sanctuary themselves or have a desire to learn more about animal care or just simply want to spend their free time helping out.

Working with regional government and law enforcement, we (in conjunction with our veterinary partners) have been able to direct and influence changes in the law to provide better protection to animals and have sanctuaries better represented in the corridors of power.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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