Rainbow House Helper Rainbow House Helper Urubamba, Peru Kiya Survivors
For a placement of 6 weeks+ you can help out at the Rainbow House, our home for abused and abandoned children. You will help with homework and run activity workshops.
Rainbow Centre Assistant Urubamba, Peru Kiya Survivors
Volunteers provide classroom support within the school and help in our therapy centre aiding the Therapy Team, working one-on-one with the students and supporting staff.
Mama Cocha Centre Supporter Mancora, Peru Kiya Survivors
Volunteers help assist in the 3 aspects of the Mama Cocha centre - the nursery, the therapy centre and our after-school care programme for children with special needs.

Project Details

Through education, care & therapy, Kiya Survivors ensures a brighter future for children with special needs, abused and abandoned kids, and families living in poverty.

Kiya - or Quilla - is the Quechua word for moon, the symbol of new beginning. Kiya Survivors aims to provide a new beginning for children and young people in Peru who have special needs or who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. We help them gain independence through education, therapy, love and laughter and ensure they have access to the means to enjoy a brighter future!

Kiya Survivors is a small, grass-roots, non-profit organisation that works alongside local authorities to help instigate lasting and sustainable change in areas such as appropriate special needs services, support in local schools and encouraging the integration of children born to be different so they can thrive in their communities and homes. 

As a Kiya Volunteer you will have the opportunity to work at either or both of our project locations, supporting our dedicated on-site staff teams make a real difference in the lives of the children and families we work with.

Kiya runs two projects in Urubamba, and Andean market town in the heart of the Sacred Valley, and one project centre on the north coast of the country in Los Organos. 

In Urubamba we have our Rainbow Centre which provides therapy within a local school for children with special needs and disabilities. Here volunteers can work the school day to provide classroom assistance, gain valuable experience supporting our Therapy Team and run activity workshops for the children. They also have the opportunity to participate in the work of our Outreach Programme which provides support within the local community. Volunteers can accompany the Therapy Team on home visits and help with our bathroom building construction projects to provide running water at the homes of families living in poverty to dramatically improve home hygiene facilities. 

Our second project in Urubamba is our Rainbow House children's home which currently provides and safe and stable home environment for 10 children, ensuring they have the care and support they need and are provided with a good education. Volunteers with us 6 weeks or more can work at the home running homework club, teaching the kids English classes, helping the house-mum with the day to day running of the home and organising fun activity workshops for the kids. 

In Los Organos near the town of Mancora in the north of Peru, volunteers can work at our Mama Cocha Centre which is comprised of a nursey for children aged 5 and under, a therapy centre and an after-school programme that provides childcare for local children living in poverty and puts on functional skills workshops for young adults with learning difficulties. 

We tailor all our volunteer programmes to suit the requirements of the individual and there are so many aspects of project work at both our project sites to get involved in! 
The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Rosie Brockett
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Social Impact

Having a child with a disability or special needs sadly is still considered a very negative thing in certain areas of the country and it is important we continue to provide a safe space for the children we support to grow and develop, and receive the care, therapy and education they deserve. There are few places that provide such services in Peru and it really does provide vital help and support for the children and families we work with here. Kiya helps support a large number of families living in poverty in the local communities where we run our projects . 

Kiya also helps provide jobs in a community where work opportunities can be scarce. We employ a dedicated staff team to run our projects which consists of a House Mum at the Rainbow House care home; Teaching and support staff at the Mama Cocha Centre; Project Managers on both site locations; a Physiotherapist at each site; Psychologist, Social Worker, and Maintenance Manager at the Rainbow Centre. They are all local professionals who are working unbelievably hard to make a huge difference to young people’s lives. 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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