Educational Resources Support Children's Daycare Assistant Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
Work to develop the basic living needs and co-inhabit with the underprivileged and homeless kids in the local community from Likoni sub- county of Mombasa, Kenya.
Sports Training Assistant/Playtime Companion Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
The schools would like someone to help with sports training and be a playtime companion such as volleyball, football, badminton and add newness.
Teaching Assistant at a Primary School Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
The main aim of this project is to work with local teachers and improve their educational style within the indigenous curriculum.
Musical Arts Therapist Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
Musical, arts and dance are like mountains and forests, making the world more vibrant. This project aims to help visitors understand and exchange cultural nuances.
Construction and Designing Assistant Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
We want experienced pairs of hands in constructing a fresh classroom and adding style to enhance teaching quality.
IT and Cyber Support Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
The world is moving on at a rapid pace with newer enhancements in technology. We need you to collaborate together and bring the needy youth up to par & make a difference.
Sign Language Teacher Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
The main aim of this project to deal with hearing-impaired or speech-impaired kids and teach them how to communicate effectively with others in the normal world.
English Teaching and Grammar Support Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
The main aim of this project to enhance the communicative and written skills in the world’s most popular language and indulge correct phonics against the native accent.
Videographer/Photographer Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
We always need to document our work, to make it more visible and convey the message of goodwill support out there through the lens of a camera.
Educational Resources Support Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
The main aim of this project is to provide educational resources such as books, clothes, etcetera for the school children, besides helping out in renovating the school.
Social Media and Marketing Support Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
We want enthusiastic volunteers to help us with our social media support and improve our marketing skills to carry on in a digital world.

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Project Details

Likoni AID 4 Children Centre is a registered charity foundation opened initially with the aim of supporting homeless kids from HIV-stricken families or estranged parents.

The organization was founded by Rev. Ernest Ombeva, a local community pastor, in the year 2001 with 12 children and little amenities. Sooner than later, the humanitarian work of the foundation started grabbing eyeballs and word spread around to support the children centre. Ever since, the organization has shifted to a different home and has grown the strength to 35 children with more facilities.

The organization strives to provide all the basic needs to ensure the kids don't feel left out from their right to a proper education in a digitally fast-paced world. The center procures funds from independent donors for assistance in terms of food, education sponsorship, clothing, bill payments, etc.

The mission of LA4CC is to bring in more indigenous resources for funding childcare and community welfare projects. Our goal is to alleviate human suffering, child care and protection through advocacy and networking for self sustainable projects, building of community models, hence improving livelihoods. The purpose is to bring in volunteers so that they can learn with the lifestyle of the people and the kids here going through a hard yet simple life before they can emerge in the world outside. Simultaneously, the volunteers can provide help in upgradation of certain facilities in different ways.

The Organization’s Charitable Objectives:

  1. To carry out empowerment activities that engage the women and the local youth in the post-pandemic era.
  2. To help understand the global culture and reciprocate in an equally appreciative manner.
  3. Create awareness and action-based approaches in environmental conservation at grassroots level.
  4. Literacy enhancement and incorporate better pedagogical styles.
  5. Betterment of community health through digital awareness and state-of-the-art practices.
  6. Promote Cultural exchange among communities and visitors to promote harmonious and mutually respectful collaboration.
  7. Career guidance and psychological counseling programs for the mentally traumatized or affected due to the immediate environment.
  8. The Technical Vocational Training (TVT) program to equip the youth with life skills like tailoring, bead work, T-shirt printing and many more.
  9. The women’s empowerment projects including juice-making, tailoring, embroidery,
  10. Conduct the volunteering programs that allows volunteers to visit and stay at the orphanage in aid of material, technical, spiritual, manpower and financial support.

Future goals:

In the current world, thanks to the pandemic, it is no illusion that a lot of things have changed, are changed and will change in coming times. Hence, the balance of the goals in regard to the imminent and inevitably changing environment have to be committed and flexible enough. As the global environment keeps changing, the organizational goals and strategies will be similarly aligned to develop a truly up-to-date environment where the communities know what’s going on and how to live with the current locale.


In our services to the vulnerable children, we would like to give the best to them but lack of man-power and financial stability has hindered immediate and long-term efficacy.

The listed are some of our operational challenges that we kindly submit a humble request for mentorship and support:

  1. Lack of a permanent home for conducive accommodation, privacy and security for the children; we currently live in a rental house, moving from place to place like nomads which affects the children psychologically and strains the care-takers as well.
  2. Poor infrastructure and access to social amenities.
  3. Lack of digital awareness and inaccessibility to worldwide marketing.
  4. Lack of clean water for drinking and domestic purposes.
  5. Shortage of food.
  6. Huge outstanding bill payment for rent, electricity and water.
  7. Lack of effective and efficient man power support and sustainability.
  8. Insecurity due to political influence and the rising juvenile gangs.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Spoken Languages
Chinese (Mandarin)

Social Impact

As a CBO-cum-NGO focused on community and childcare, we are eager and more than happy to work with local administrations, organized community groups, individuals, and schools to demonstrate to the communities we work with that there are opportunities in the world beyond the immediate surroundings.

Since 2001, the first volunteers started pouring in and sooner, the orphanage started taking a better shape and the kids got a friendly and jovial environment. In 2010, the women started their own group within the supervision of the director and soon another orphanage came into existence to cater and induct more poor and deprived children. Last year, the organization was promoted to a children centre and it was the first and the only one so far registered with the ministry of social services and children’s services. 

Quite the hard work done and still a long way to go!!

We wish more helping hand and more eyes to witness the work of caring humans and spread the word.

In the areas we focus our efforts, most women and many youths are living in extreme poverty, earning barely a dollar or two daily. A great number of women and youths living in these areas lack access to basic services including electricity, running water, and medical care. Deprived of any help from the local authorities and given a blind eye on previous occasions, we strive to connect the outside world to come forth and get them humanitarian aid of any kind.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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